Pay attention to the city and county party congress | Haikou strive for the next five years the average annual economic growth of 11%

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A new client in hainan, the south China sea network, south metropolis daily news on January 25, (Wang Kang scene Party towards the peak/figure), haikou work over the next five years to build a new development goal is to promote the modernization of the internationalization of haikou, into a free trade port area, hainan haikou in the free trade port construction, urban agglomeration in beigu gulf rim and “sea the clear article set” comprehensive economic demonstration leading role is more prominent,The competitiveness, concentration, carrying capacity and radiation capacity of cities are constantly enhanced.Conference site.Among them, the construction of a stronger economic strength of the new Haikou.The “3+1” leading industries have played a more significant role in supporting China’s economy. The annual economic growth rate has reached 11%, the GDP has reached 350 billion yuan, and the per capita GDP has become one of the high-income regions. The comprehensive economic strength of China’s cities has risen in rank.The first phase of hainan free Trade port construction was successfully achieved.Breakthroughs were made in key areas and key links of reform, and China’s business environment has reached first-class levels.Build China into a high-level innovative city full of creativity.At the same time, we will ensure that people’s per capita disposable income reaches the mid-to-upper level of the country, improve the multi-tiered social security system and the system of assistance and assistance, and provide better and balanced basic public services such as education, culture, medical care, elderly care and childcare, thus laying a more solid foundation for common prosperity.Build a new haikou with a more livable ecological environment.Institutions and systems for promoting ecological progress have been improved, and the pattern of territorial development and protection has been constantly improved.Energy conservation and emission reduction to achieve provincial targets, carbon peak, carbon neutrality in the forefront of the province.We made greater progress in pollution control in key areas, made our way of life and work greener and low-carbon, and continued to lead the country in ecological and environmental quality.New Haikou will be built to better coordinate urban and rural development.Rural revitalization has been comprehensively promoted, and the modernization of agriculture and rural areas has been exemplified in the province.China’s infrastructure has been significantly modernized, and a large number of new technologies and means have been applied. A modern infrastructure system that is well-integrated, efficient, practical, intelligent, green, safe and reliable has basically been put in place.Build new Haikou with more efficient social governance.We will build cities into demonstration cities for modern social governance at the municipal level, improve systems and mechanisms for preventing and defusing major risks, comprehensively enhance our capacity for emergency rescue, and improve mechanisms for ensuring the safe operation of cities.Statement: Copyright belongs to the original, reprint this article is for the purpose of passing more information.If there is a source marked wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact this network, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.