Yu Mingjia a grand New Year’s day, with her daughter in red festival and fashion, handsome husband rare appearance

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“Firecrackers in New Year’s Eve” has come, the most like the sumptuous New Year’s Eve dinner and the joy of family reunion, the family eating food watching the Spring Festival Gala jubilantly Shousui, which has been the traditional Chinese culture.Yu Mingjia, the goddess of temperament in the entertainment industry, also posted pictures of her family’s Lunar New Year’s Eve dinner, which made people drooling and the family look good.Mingjia yu a grand festival, can be seen in the picture of the family mingjia yu wear red with daughter, prosperous New Year, festival and fashionable, her handsome husband also rare appearances, order to celebrate the Spring Festival, the whole family happiness, let a person envy, also do not have a deficit mingjia yu is a great beauty, a smile so bright, like 20 beautiful youth.The whole family appearance level online, wearing also commendable.The elder was kind and energetic, the younger sweet and energetic.The girls, who have inherited their parents’ beauty, smile for the camera.The eldest daughter wore a simple white T with black leather susers. The simple contrast of black and white made her look cool and stylish.And Yu Mingjia and her little daughter are red to wear a match, a large and a small two red beauties are really people like.Both wore simple red shorts with simple little patterns, which were festive and chic.The red dress is appropriate for the Spring Festival, but there are some tricks to wearing it.The red of large area can build happy atmosphere quite, but it is more picky to color of skin relatively, like mother and daughter two large area red can make festival atmosphere very well, bright and dazzling.But if you want to try red “new”, you can use a small area of red to embellish, is also a process of trying color.It seems that the two elders have added red elements to the dress. The father’s short sleeve is designed with red and white checked lines, which can well weaken the warmth of red with white and is more suitable for men to wear.Mother is wearing a shirt with red and black printing, irregular pattern with red has a special sense of fashion, casual style shirt makes wearing look more sexy.For red dress, in fact, mingjia collocation is very worthy of reference, let’s enjoy the red match yu Mingjia ~ maybe you can wear the same style oh!This set of clothes is also yu Mingjia’s collocation during the Spring Festival, using a large area of red to create a sense of atmosphere, easily wear red itself warm, warm sense.However, this set of clothes is not completely the same color, but uses red with different lightness to reflect the sense of gradual change, belonging to the same color system, which is also the least error-prone one in the wear, and the hierarchical performance brought by gradual change can greatly improve the fashion degree of the wear.Watermelon red knitted dress, the design of cultivate one’s morality can be a very good draws the outline of her exquisite of curve, the mature feminine flavour, full match again is red knit long-sleeve, put a deeper red, built the administrative levels sense, is the red round collar sweater joined the black single-breasted design, make it look more to life, with a feeling of restoring ancient ways is a beauty, deserve to go up concolorous lipstick,Who doesn’t love white skin and long legs?This red outfit is a solid color combo.The design of the sleeveless red jacket and V collar shows her mature temperament very well. The neat version and the skin exposed by the appropriate benefits make the dress look very light, and the irregular design of the corners of the jacket makes the dress look fashionable and full, absorbing the golden lines with a Chinese style.Match the bell-bottom trousers with golden edge line, easily create a good figure proportion, temperament and eye-catching.And this outfit is a small area of the red ornament, simple round neck sweaters with black leather pants and classic black and white with color contrast and material administrative levels sense, collocation is spliced coat, coat, joined the red element in good consideration for the whole is tonal collocation, weaken the drab feeling of black and white collocation, with wine red high heels, and splicing of red echo,The atmosphere went out again.This is the end of mingjia’s red dress sharing, here is also borrowed from mingjia’s “all the best” picture wish everyone a happy Year of the Tiger, we will see you next time!