Break up 3 months, late at night Shen Mengchen to Du Haitao home compound, Du Haitao humming upstairs

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01 in a program, Shen Mengchen for the first time in the program to say and Du Haitao break up after 3 months of a thing, is this news, let Du Haitao know after sleep, suddenly feel cool back, feel this girlfriend is too horrible……After breaking up Shen Mengchen says she got mental anorexia, weight thin arrives history lowest, cannot help making a phone call with Du Haitao, result this male friend is not to give oneself step to descend or door to sum up however coldly ask oneself: if have nothing to hang!Then I really don’t care about yourself, like a stranger, of course, the final sum drama is Shen Mengchen active attack, she recalled after break up 3 months each other still ignore yourself, and then going to find him handsome home 02 surprise by the good combination lock after taking the door, house lights, and no one, at the moment of Shen Mengchen immediately set up alert of the woman,She no exception found through his shoe, also touched the air conditioning outlet, a check that handsome will definitely be back in a moment after she shut the door, like nothing happened, then squatted in the handsome home, indeed as expected in a short time, he was singing carrying shopping upstairs, just because there is no psychological preparation,See the door of the ex-girlfriend was scared, surprise after they finally reconciled……03 but in advance into the matter handsome handsome the door did not know, this is she in the show, I heard that handsome what impossible, because the house is a combination lock, Shen Mengchen explanation, however, you have to go in, know the password, especially to the former girlfriend going through details, family, is terrible,Back after cooling may not he never thought of Shen Mengchen unexpectedly in the investigation of his precise exquisite, so two people fell in love and in 89, don’t say how great, but it is not much in the entertainment circle, but Shen Meng car the last traces of hate to marry also clearly, such as speech on the conference, poking fun at relatives rushed, netizens to blow, but still handsome unmoved 04,Handsome cheat philandering the feelings of the man’s name came, think he from Shen Mengchen fell in love, when I was 24 results eight years people get into a 32-year-old woman finish still refused to get married, in the ninth year, Shen Mengchen wish become Mrs Du, two people wedding photo posted online, many fans netizens urged finally married to Shen Mengchen no white, etc., over the yearsBut then Dong Mingzhu has been mentioned again, it is because in a program, Dong Mingzhu had promised with Du Haitao, said that as long as he got married, he not only gave him 5 air conditioners, and the household appliances are contracted, want to if they get married, household appliances must be all intelligent, calculate down is also a lot of money?So net friend in succession comment dong Mingzhu can contract really?In addition, Shen Mengchen and Du Haitao are very sweet as long as they are in the same frame, but the behavior of overindulging her boyfriend makes her father jealous.Once in a program, Shen’s mother brought a table of food. Before she started to eat, Shen Mengchen took care of Du Haitao’s hair. His father made fun of him for the first time, teasing his daughter: Ah, ah, again?Do you think?What do you do now?She was the only child in her family. No wonder her father was jealous. Now he is married and married to someone else.Anyway, it’s not easy to get married after 9 years of love. Let’s hope they are happy. Do you think Du Haitao will be a good husband and a good father in the future?