Sun Peng two New Year party, brother and brother into good friends, Peng Wenle appearance level crush Sun Zhuo

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Four of the original “Dear” were abducted. At present, except Du xiaohua’s son, the children of the other three have been recovered, because the search for children also makes these families become deep feelings.Recently, Sun Zhuo and Peng Wenle met again at the Spring Festival party of sun Peng and Peng Peng’s family. The two children had been abducted and were almost the same age. They sat together and talked happily.In those days look for a child together process, let Sun Haiyang and Peng Gaofeng become good friends, peng Wenle peng Gaofeng son at the beginning of peng Gaofeng back, Sun Haiyang specially rushed to the airport to pick up two people, now Sun Zhuo came back, Peng Gaofeng nature also want to come to celebrate.When Sun Zhuo was just back, Peng Gaofeng took the whole family to Sun Haiyang’s hometown to celebrate Sun Zhuo’s return home. At that time, the two families also took a photo together, and the two brothers and sisters also took a photo alone.Later, Sun Zhuo and Peng Wenle added each other’s contact information, and they often talked. Sun Haiyang and Peng Gaofeng have been good friends for many years. Now, Sun Zhuo and Peng Wenle have become good friends.They also posted the chat records of Sun Zhuo and Peng Wenle. Peng Wenle said that he lost the ignorant one at the beginning, and then found the ignorant one again. Peng Wenle has been in a state of confusion.However, Sun Zhuo has no memory of his childhood, which also has a certain relationship with the buyer’s scare to him at the beginning. Fortunately, he has returned to his original family, and Sun Zhuo is sun Haiyang’s child.When the two families get together, Sun Zhuo and Peng Wenle sit next to each other, laughing and joking at the dinner table. There are many topics for them to talk about because of their common experience and similar age.This time, the two children did not wear masks, from the exposure of the photos, we can see that Peng Wenle looks handsome, fascinated by his profile, Peng Wenle looks level over Sun Zhuo.However, Sun Zhuo is not bad, but they are not the same style, Peng Wenle is more mature, Sun Zhuo is more immature, and his eyes are smaller, but Sun Zhuo is a good student.Peng Gaofeng and Sun Haiyang both gave red envelopes to their children, and Sun Zhuo and Peng Wenle also sent flowers to their mother. This New Year is very meaningful for Sun Haiyang’s family. It is their first real reunion dinner in 14 years.Peng Wenle was found three years later. At that time, After Peng Wenle was found, Peng Gaofeng invited Sun Haiyang to celebrate his birthday together. However, Sun Zhuo had not been found at that time, so Sun Haiyang was not in the mood to see their family reunion.Fortunately, After 14 years, Sun Zhuo has been found. This time, Sun Haiyang and Peng Gaofeng can enjoy a party and celebrate each other. What opinions do you have?