Us media listed the nets 4 sets of trade options: Kyrie single for Simmons more than a chase covington crossbow, etc

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The NBA trade deadline is approaching, the Nets are in crisis, Kevin Durant is still injured and Kyrie Irving is a part-time player.The us media suggested that the Nets should try to make four sets of trade plans, among which Kyrie Irving for Simmons alone is the most exciting, and the other three are the Nets to use multiple role players to pursue quality championship pieces, Covington, Nurkic and Poettel are the Nets to pursue vision.Option 1: Nets get: Simmons, Philly get: Kyrie Irving Although Philly may not want to make the deal, as reports indicate they are confident in their chances of acquiring Harden next summer.It’s just that Philly might end up making the trade because they need to bring in Irving and, given Embiid’s stellar season, it would boost their chances and give Philly fans the NBA championship they’ve been waiting for.The Nets will undoubtedly want a top guard, and Simmons is probably one of the best in the league.Even though Simmons made a lot of funny final Four games in Philly, he can come to the Nets and enjoy his time because he is a player of tremendous quality.Simmons can improve the nets’ defense, and Harden and Durant are both great offensive players, so the trio is worth looking forward to.Scheme 2: the nets get: winton Portland get: Paul milsap, Bruce brown, James Johnson, jevon carter solution 3: the nets get: nur base, the blazers have: Paul milsap, Bruce brown, James Johnson, jevon carter solution 4: the nets get: pearl, the spurs got:Millsap, Bruce – Brown, Jevon – Carter after the three plans are the Nets do not break up the existing three on the basis of role players to seek to complement.Millsap has amicably parted ways with the Nets, while Bruce Brown, Jevon Carter and James Johnson are also good bargaining chips.If the Nets can get covington, Nurkic or poettel one of them, it will greatly improve the team’s frontcourt strength, and thus improve the championship hopes.(Article/Drunk)