When a woman plays these jokes with you, she is not testing you. She is saying no

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In love, if you want to develop a relationship, you must first have a good impression of him. If you dislike him at first sight and have no feeling at all, then naturally you do not want to have any relationship with him.For a woman, if there is no feeling at the beginning, no matter how hard the other person tries, it is impossible to move her, and even she will think it is a kind of pestering, which will only make the impression of you worse.But even if she doesn’t like you, she won’t say it out loud. She may be polite, or she may be embarrassed to say it out loud, but she will choose other ways to politely decline.In this process, some men will mistakenly think that she is testing you, otherwise they would not say these words, this can only be said that you love, and even some ignorant.In fact, when a woman makes fun of you, she is not testing you. She is “rejecting” you.01 “You’re too good for you.” If you like someone, it’s natural to worry that you don’t deserve them, but that won’t be a reason for her not to choose you, it will only be her motivation.Sometimes, when she says “you’re too good for me” and just gives you a way off, she’ll bring the problem down to herself so you don’t have too much pressure.When a woman makes a joke like this, it’s not necessarily because she thinks you’re really good or don’t deserve you, but because she wants you to get out of the way and leave her alone.At this time, you should have some self-knowledge, do not bother her again and again, think she is to you love, but dare not say it out, if she really love you, is another performance.No one is willing to push someone out of the way. When she wants to introduce you to someone else and thinks you’re a better match, she really wants you to be with them and be happy together.Maybe she really thinks you have something wrong with each other, like similar personalities, or you can’t be on the same wavelength, which is why she doesn’t want to continue.At this point, she is too embarrassed to refuse you directly, so she has to jokingly say to you: “She is more suitable for you, you’d better go to her.”She doesn’t say this because she’s jealous, but because she genuinely thinks the friend is better for you and wants you to be together, which is kind, depending on how you interpret it.When a woman likes someone, she wants you to be with her all the time, preferably in secret for 24 hours. She’s not clingy all the time, she’s just clingy when she’s in front of you.But if she’s not into you, she doesn’t want to waste your time, talk to you all the time, or have you chasing her around all the time.She will be very considerate to you: “Do not waste your time, go to your work”, this sentence has shown her attitude, she does not want to continue with you, even if you pursue, it is just a waste of time.Sometimes, there is no need to reject directly, such indirect words, but also can let you know that she does not have you in her heart.In the relationship, the man must distinguish, when the woman is joking, when is in euphemism refused.If you think she is testing you or is too shy to say what you want to say, you are wrong, and if you continue to badger her or tell her how much you miss her, she will think you are annoying.At this point, she will say no directly, which will not only hurt your self-esteem, but also prevent you from being a friend. Instead, be aware that her joke is a polite decline, so that the two of you will not be embarrassed to see each other again.A woman does not refuse directly, not because she is reluctant to give up, but to you to keep face, to each other to leave decent, do not be too persistent.