Carry forward the spirit of “Changjin Lake”, telecom people strive to break through!

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Recently, the scene of ice and snow in the hit movie changjin Lake was staged at Wugong Mountain in Jiangxi province on the third day of the Chinese New Year.(The beautiful snowy scenery of Wugong Mountain in Jiananfu County, Jiangxi province)Wugong Mountain scenic area communication network abnormal situation, once the deterioration, mountain tourists and surrounding villages and towns will not be able to use the phone, the Internet, please organize personnel emergency treatment…”Early in the morning of February 3, the harsh network alarm let China Telecom Anfu branch maintenance team quickly alert!An emergency call came into the company’s leadership duty room.Recent weather changes, wugong Mountain scenic spot snow, snow, a large number of tourists flock to the mountain for the New Year.At this time, the ONT ring road within the scenic area is abnormal, which will seriously affect the network communication of hukeng, Taishan (where Wugong Mountain is located) and Qianshan, which will not only affect the experience of tourists on the mountain during the Spring Festival, but also lead to the communication interruption of telecom users in these three towns.Dangerous situation is command, responsibility is to assume, a race against time rush repair work opened the prelude.In the face of emergency, China Telecom Anfu branch company immediately organized personnel to carry out patrol investigation in the snow and ice. At the moment, the scene of heavy snow and freezing in Wugong Mountain made the staff deeply feel the scene in the movie changjin Lake.Find the breakpoint (optical) (Ann blessing China telecom company network maintenance team leader gen-sheng li snow eating an apple to experience one volunteer soldier’s hard) to cold, telecom emergency crews walked in the snow fog diffuse, eventually found to be the cable at the middle pole crushed by heavy snow fall trees caused the disconnection.After finding out the cause, China Telecom Anfu Branch responded actively and deployed quickly. According to the special circumstances of the fault point, such as the geographical environment, and the comprehensive factors such as difficulties in the transportation of emergency repair tools and materials, China Telecom Anfu Branch formulated the emergency repair plan and arrived at the fault point at 9:00 a.m. on the third day of the New Year to carry out emergency repair.Finally, after two consecutive days of all-out efforts, normal network communication was restored at 13pm on the fourth day.(the audacity of telecom warriors through the thick snow to fault point) (all over the sky snow is telecom firm figure) that a group of people, walking in the snow, security equipment wugong mountain scenic spot is not to take off the net, they give up and the warmth of family reunion, give up tasty hot meal in the home, to fight in wugong mountain scenic area.At present, in order to further prevent of line fault occurs as a result of snow and ice, Ann blessing China telecom company attaches great importance to the subsequent lines safety work, to further strengthen the equipment patrol, and pay close attention to weather changes, we will do our best to help the emergency teams and emergency supplies and emergency preparatory work, always guarding the communication network of wugong mountain area,Fearless telecom personnel practice the spirit of “Changjin Lake” with practical actions, strive to break through, and highlight the responsibility of central enterprises.