Taihe District of Jinzhou held a training session for epidemic prevention and control volunteers

2022-06-15 0 By

Because the current convergence outbreak appears near the city of huludao, complicated severe input, zhuhai epidemic spread risk, to rebound against input, to carry out the “outside” of the prevention and control strategies, precision and epidemic prevention and control of normalized, emergency disposal of organic combination, rapid transformation, in the event of a local outbreak can quickly start the emergency response, and orderly epidemic prevention and control work,To effectively contain the spread of the epidemic in communities and minimize the harm caused by the epidemic to people’s health and life, on February 11, 2022, the District prevention and control Headquarters conducted community epidemic prevention and control training for some municipal volunteers and 160 taihe volunteers in the morning and afternoon respectively.At the meeting, Lian Huaqing, director of the District Health Bureau, introduced the current situation of the epidemic and asked volunteers to attach great importance to it, clarify their responsibilities, tighten the string of epidemic prevention and control, play the role of volunteers, and build a strong defense line of epidemic prevention and control.Huang Xiaoguang, DISTRICT CDC explained the knowledge of COVID-19 prevention and control in communities, what volunteers should do in the “containment area”, “control area” and “prevention area”, as well as the key points of personal protection, and also explained the relevant content of the COVID-19 epidemiological investigation.Bai Hongzhi from the District Hospital explained the on-site specimen collection and transport of the pathogen detection information system for all scenarios in the nucleic acid sampling process of the whole population, as well as the operation process and information input of the APP in the laboratory.The training has improved the volunteers’ ability to carry out normal epidemic prevention and control and emergency response in case of outbreak, which is conducive to clarifying the responsibility of epidemic prevention and control and building a tight defense line for epidemic prevention and control in our district.