Tomorrow liao Basket end battle with Xi!Zhao Jiwei caught, Zhang Zhenlin double into the biggest expectation

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Tomorrow, Liaoning will play its final game of the second phase of the season against Nanjing Tongxi, currently ranked last in the league, and it will be the last game for Liaoning team.Liaoning team is suffering from injury, Han Dejun, Zhang Zhenlin, Guo Ailun have returned to Shenyang for treatment, and Liaoning team is also a disabled, the absence of three starters also greatly reduced strength, but fortunately the last round against the league’s worst team, so it should not be difficult to win.Liaoning faced Ningbo, the second-worst team in the league, in the last round of the game, and liaoning came away bloodless.In Zhao Jiwei play of the game should be responsible, comprehensive data of 25 points and 9 assists, Zhao Jiwei both can attack and can organize series, fully demonstrated its core position, and the role of the game undoubtedly Zhao Jiwei is still large, especially in the case of pg absence, Zhao Jiwei playing time will certainly continue to rise,The game is expected to last over 30 minutes.Now – really no one can replace Zhao Jiwei on organizational aspects, even if the foreign aid, organization ability also does not have full display, other domestic players Liu Zhixuan, yan hand thestrals organization ability is general, so Mr. Can’t count on the players attack to organize, undoubtedly Zhao Jiwei will stage again.Zhao Jiwei must be in the game attack and defense are comprehensive grasp, so Liaoning team can win the game smoothly.In addition, in terms of foreign aid, Moreland is indeed more concerned by fans, the foreign aid is currently ranked the last among all foreign aid scoring, 5.4 points 7.1 rebounds per game, the data is not even as good as domestic players, but Moreland’s defense is really very tough, his defensive role is not reflected in the data,But after all, we said that in CBA, foreign players should mainly score. Morland averaged double-double in Shanxi team before, but his performance declined sharply in Liaoning Team. We hope morland can show his offensive means against the weak team and restore his confidence, so as to help Liaoning team finish the next game.And in the game tomorrow, I believe most people are looking forward to the biggest or zhang town ‘double teenager YuZeChen performance, as a result of the zhang town’ injury, – on the front, there is a significant weakening, and Mr. Also had to cluster mentioned starting tomorrow morning, at the same time, young YuZeChen also into the rotation, and in the last game of YuZeChen,He scored 18 points on 4-of-7 3-pointers and showed his offensive touch.However, there are many loopholes in defense, which is one of the reasons Yang Ming expressed his dissatisfaction with him in the post-game press conference. Therefore, yu zechen is expected to continue to play well in the offensive end of this game and strengthen his defense. Only in this way can he become a truly qualified rotation.Tomorrow’s match against Nanjing tongxi will be a final game for Liaoning team in the second phase. Liaoning team should have no problem winning three games in a row. The most important thing is to keep the players healthy and not get injured.