Wang Xiaofei marital derailment was exposed to hammer, men dare to do dare not recognize is why?

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On the fifth day of the lunar New Year, Wang Xiaofei was reported to have traveled to Hainan with zhang Yingying, an Internet celebrity.Zhang LAN refutes rumors with righteous indignation and tries to explain their son’s moral level is not so bad, not so dirty.However, the slap in the face can come quickly. On Feb 9, Wang xiaofei was photographed holding hands with Zhang Yingying.The touch between the two is natural, not just a handshake between friends.I’m afraid I won’t be able to wash it this time.Before Wang Xiaofei said and Zhang Yingying’s gossip is a net friend rumors, one by one to tell, send a lawyer’s letter, now seems to have become a joke.Internet users are no longer buying it, as Wang xiaofei and Zhang Yingying had an affair in marriage.Wang Xiaofei and Zhang Yingying had more than one or two scandals.Although there has been no real hammer, but has been filmed, they have always denied.As early as when there was no divorce, wang Xiaofei and Zhang Yingying came out of the ambiguous relationship.Wang xiaofei and Zhang Yingying met in a bar in June last year. They climbed Huangshan mountain in August and were photographed together for a trip.Two people have the same necklace, but under these evidence, Wang Xiaofei and Zhang LAN still deny.On Dec 18 last year, wang xiaofei was found to have cheated on her husband while they were divorcing.Wang insisted that he was innocent at the time, and even accused netizens online, wang Sicong scolded him for being a “dumb ass”.You should keep your distance when you have an affair, so as not to cause trouble again.But Wang xiaofei and Zhang Yingying have been photographed several times, this time holding hands.And big S side, indeed from beginning to end did not say a wang Xiaofei is not.When the divorce began, the Internet was divided.While scolding big S does not love Wang Xiaofei, while scolding Wang Xiaofei mother treasure male, business has been losing, big S constantly filling the pit, said he does not deserve big S.The two groups of people who support Da S and Wang Xiaofei have been deadlocked.As a matter of fact, it is difficult for outsiders to judge right from wrong when couples are in the stage of divorce.And get along with 10 years, the accumulation of kindness and resentment can not be judged in a few words.Both sides have positions that they’re innocent, that they’re the victims.There’s nothing shady about a broken relationship, and there’s nothing shady about liking someone else.What is shameful is human selfishness, and the attempt to cover it up.To fool the public in one way or another, and as soon as they win their favor, they all fall into line, and when they turn around, they all slap each other in the face.Yes, said is Wang Xiaofei, his character has men’s bad habits.01 Want to play and want to be a good person Wang Xiaofei has been denying the relationship with Zhang Yingying, and finally caught real hammer. this behavior is very bad.The lawyer’s letter is just out of the sun for a long time, quickly hit the face.He was simply afraid of the impact on his career of a reputation for marital infidelity.So although public opinion rushed to HSU at that time, saying she was heartless, he still firmly denied cheating, took the hat clean.Because as long as he works fast enough, he wang Xiaofei can set up a miserable business against the poor honest good man who has been abandoned by his wife.There are many sympathizers online, and many netizens who support him have set up a website for him, which has also lost the momentum of HSU s in the mainland.This time was revealed to cheat real hammer, net friends said: “you should burn incense, encounter big S so you cheat also lazy with your general knowledge, not to hammer your ex-wife.””If it is true, don’t love to admit, full of lies really disgusting!””You are not honest, there is a new love but also pretend to set up a new person, such a person really have no quality, you do not deserve big S.”He wants to play to spend, but do not want to be a bad man, had to constantly set up camouflage himself.For Wang Xiaofei, how dare she admit to cheating in marriage?After all, he can not stand the gossip of thousands of netizens, divorced all want to stand on the moral high ground of good popularity, sympathy and support.It is not just Wang Xiaofei, the reality of men cheating in marriage is not so?It’s the same trick. As long as you’re not caught red-handed, deny it.Playing the role of a good father to his pet wife, but in private always put his own desires first.You forget your responsibilities when you’re with someone else.When having an affair with an Internet celebrity, his wife and children are forgotten.I really can’t wait. I should get my divorce done before I have sex.But I also want to say that changing heart is not a sin, want to be a good person and want to do something against morality, is in itself a contradiction.Frank point, admit that they do not love, admit that they have a new love, or hypocrisy when and stand.A woman is never afraid of a man to confess that he fell in love with someone else, but is afraid of the man’s greed.Enjoy the blessing of the same person, but also want to be a good person secretly cheating.02 Immature behavior may make it impossible to tell right from wrong in marriage, because Hsu’s character in The Happiness Trio does seem depressed.Wang xiaofei is timid, cautious and sometimes impatient with her.So it’s not unusual for someone to see him living so tight, siding with Wang Xiaofei.But since the divorce, Wang’s behavior has come under public scrutiny.As big S once joked in the program that Wang Xiaofei was not good, once he could not control his emotions, he would vent to innocent people.”Ask your lover to keep a low profile. He claims he loves his daughter when it’s trending every day,” read one comment on the weibo account where Wang sent the letter.Can Yue ‘er read?It’s fun to watch dad go on a hot search every day with his wife who came in before the divorce?Know you want to sell in order to open a shop, but beware of bite back!”As we said in the scandal of the time, he did not pay attention to avoid suspicion, again and again photographed.And if you really love your daughter, you should think of her daughter has been sensible and literate, their gossip will always leave traces, sooner or later will be seen by her daughter.When the children grow up and look at their own fathers, what should they think?Besides, he often quarrels with netizens, makes emotional remarks whenever he drinks, and doesn’t care about his wife and children’s living environment. Why does a man over 40 still think his youth is a teenager?Big S, by contrast, although a little more pretentious, but really calm and decent.If it were a different woman, cheating on his wife in marriage, he would have a bad reputation.Although there will be many people from now on who will accuse him of cheating and playing with women’s feelings, the blame will not help.Big S oneself think very open, at that time expose Wang Xiaofei has a girlfriend, she is also the attitude of blessing.Time will prove a person, and some truth will be revealed.Like the original Bai Baihe and Chen Yufan, visitors can only see the surface, and people will perform.Men never seem to understand how important honesty is to a marriage.Men are always aware of their monogamous tendencies, so they tend to be more secretive in relationships.In real life, there are many men who lie and deceive others.For example, Wang Xiaofei, who obviously does not love Her so much, can also send a series of obedient words to his wife on weibo.It’s like in his world, the wife and the kids are the most important.But the fact is not so, he and the net red lace news without interruption.Hsu once said in an interview that if a man wants to change his heart, she won’t do anything because she can’t decide which one his heart really loves.But Wang xiaofei is really timid and selfish.People always ask, why not just admit it?Because to admit an affair is to admit a mistake.In many broken relationships, what is right and what is wrong is more important than what is emotional.So big S could have argued for her own interests in this matter, but she didn’t.On the contrary, Wang Xiaofei has repeatedly fooled netizens, lied and set up people in the position of power.From this point of view, he really has no responsibility.Whether a man has responsibility depends on his personality level. It is true that he is a mother’s treasure. Zhang LAN also came out to help her son hide the fact of his new love.Can let big S carry three children of the man, big S really do not love?As a woman, one child after another, what is love if not love?The reason why Big S insists on divorce may not be that she doesn’t love Wang xiaofei, but that she can’t feel wang xiaofei’s love.Probably already knew he is off the rails, his flower heart, she of individual character haughty cannot bear final bottom line, just have to end marriage.But the outside world spread big S despise husband, Wang Xiaofei retains fruitless, became abandoned man.He didn’t say anything about his love affairs, and the divorce was probably just what he wanted.So a man is not responsible, just at this time and husband and wife, he will not care about people, will only expand their own favorable side.Between husband and wife, even if the end should also be honest and decent, worthy of heart, this is the basic as a person.The author | flight feathers a self-exploration of the person you like, to grow as the goal, experience for road, sincerely for the heart, live the utmost freedom of life.