Teacher Wang Manhong of Xunyang Primary School won the third prize in the National Basic Skills Competition for primary and secondary school headteachers

2022-06-16 0 By

Jiujiang News Network – Winter jasmine flowers open, the spring breeze to send joy.At the beginning of this semester, Teacher Wang Manhong of Xunyang Primary School won the third prize in the national primary and secondary school headteachers’ basic skills exhibition and exchange activity.This competition is sponsored by the Office of Education Department of Jiangxi Province, undertook by the Basic Education Department of Education department of Jiangxi Province, jiangxi Education Teaching Materials Research Office, Jiangxi Education media Group, nearly 100 outstanding head teachers participated in the competition.The purpose of the competition is to give play to the backbone role of excellent head teachers in our province in the implementation of the fundamental task of moral education, strengthen the ability of teachers’ ethics, education and teaching, leading class education, home-school cooperation and other aspects, and constantly improve the level of moral education in primary and secondary schools.The competition is divided into three parts: education story, teaching strategies and theme class meeting.Respectively through text materials and recorded video display.Wang Manhong teacher received the task, carefully prepared, with their own sincere language to tell her education on the road moving story and full of wisdom of the class style;In the design of the theme class meeting, the form is novel, diverse, distinct theme, to achieve a good education purpose.The work of head teachers is the foundation and core of school development. This competition not only created an opportunity for each participating head teacher to stimulate their potential and show themselves, but also built a learning platform for the head teachers working in front-line education in the country to improve themselves.Xunyang Primary School will continue to focus on the cultivation of excellent head teachers and lay a solid foundation for the cultivation of the flowers of the motherland in the new era.