The younger brother of the migrant worker worked for his brother for eleven years but paid money, until the end of his life did not pay

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The migrant brother worked for his brother, a college student, and for 11 years the brother didn’t pay anything until he fell seriously ill in bed.The elder brother would not come up with the hundreds of thousands of dollars he owed, so the younger brother was dragged to death alive.Brothers are supposed to be like brothers and sisters, supporting each other in every way.But is such a pair of brothers and sisters, the younger brother is diligent to help the elder brother work.Until his last breath, he did not get his brother’s division of money.The elder brother, Liu Shaoliang, 53, from Sichuan province, squeezed his younger brother until the last possible moment.I have been helping my brother manage the construction site for more than ten years. Although it is management, I have actually done more work than any other worker.Every day, I got up early and went to work at the site in perfect order. For a long time, I did not think about food and tea. Every day after work, I drank a little wine to relieve fatigue.Liu Shaoliang was eventually diagnosed with alcoholic liver and died in a rented house on a construction site in Kunming.Younger brother dies of illness elder brother Liu Shaobing is unmoved however when have not happened completely same.According to Liu shaoliang’s daughter, his uncle was too heartless.Chen Shu, Liu Shaoliang’s wife, told us that it was his brother Liu Shaobing who had been in arrears with his wages.Therefore, Liu Shaoliang had no money, so he could not get timely treatment, and his condition gradually deteriorated.My brother was a college student in the sixties.Founded a waterproof material factory more than 10 years ago, not only home business is big but also around some small projects.Liu Shaoliang, the younger brother, was a kind and honest worker who supported his family with hard labor.And after the elder brother undertook the project needs the person to take care of, hence calls the younger brother to work under his own hand.So this work is more than ten years, which more than ten years of Liu Shaoliang diligently busy for the eldest brother.He took care of his brother’s affairs, big and small, but he never saw a penny.The wages have been arrears by Liu Shaobing, not only so workers also told us that.Every time liu Shaobing owed workers wages after the completion of the project, It was Liu Shaoliang who borrowed money from everywhere to help pay the wages in advance.And every time the elder brother is to draw a big cake to cry poor to say their own difficulties, the glib Liu Shaobing every time with a variety of reasons to evade.And kind-hearted Liu Shaobing does not want to fight for brotherly affection, it is to return without success every time.Fellow workers said Mr. Liu had complained to them that he had not made any money for his brother over the years.He even borrowed money to pay more than 200,000 yuan in advance, since Liu Shaoliang fell ill and had no money to treat him.He did not intend to return the money to his brother, but only paid part of the medical bills.Soon, under the instructions of Liu Shaobing, Yang accountant of the factory was asked to deduct the money from the arrears.As brothers liu Shaobing did not read a little love, such practices even factory Yang accountant can not go down.Persuade Liu Shaobing to reimburse liu Shaoliang part of the medical expenses, and Liu Shaobing cold-blooded response to this is not his obligation to refuse.Originally the elder brother such as father, when the elder brother Liu Shaobing not only did not take care of his younger brother.Even the little brother’s life is dying he thinks how to press the little brother, why should Liu Shaobing be so cruel to his own brother.His cold blood is chilling.Workmates to Liu Shaobing’s evaluation is that this person only recognizes money does not recognize people duplicity, even if brother Liu Shaoliang does his utmost to have how much credit.In his eyes after all is not worth mentioning, but even if her husband Liu Shaoliang has passed away.But this hard work for more than ten years of wages, his wife Chen Shu think it is absolutely to find his brother back.But Liu Shaobing is the phone is not to be seen, even if liu Shaobing was knocked into a sister-in-law at home.But I did not expect liu Shaobing reported to the police that he was threatened by his sister-in-law Chen Shu, unwilling to return those wages owed to his brother.Did not think of a big boss, there is a house car factory has been in arrears with his brother’s lifesaving money.In order to make clear the matter is how to return a responsibility after all, the reporter tries every means to contact the elder brother Liu Shaobing that did not appear all the time finally.Mr. Liu, reached by phone, denied that he owed his brother money, saying he had never worked on a project before.There was no evidence that her brother was working under her, and Liu’s wife promptly produced an IOU written by her brother.Said because Liu Shaoliang believes liu Shaobing so there is no written contract, but Liu Shaobing in four years ago in Liu Shaoliang constantly begging.Or helpless to write down a piece of one hundred and forty thousand yuan iOU, and this iOU this argument Liu Shaobing immediately defended in the phone.That is their own in the sister-in-law’s coercion is not voluntary signature, so he also thinks that is not voluntary to write down nature can not count.What’s more, his sister-in-law didn’t encourage his ex-wife to share his property. We don’t understand why Liu Shaobing always points the finger at his sister-in-law.So we went to Liu shaobing’s ex-wife to talk to him.The former wife of Liu Shaobing’s evaluation is also concise and comprehensive, said Liu Shaobing heartless mouth full of lies.Oneself divorce and sister-in-law do not have any relation, because oneself cannot bear to live with Liu Shaobing completely just choose to divorce.For Liu Shaobing said that he was coerced by his sister-in-law Chen Shu to write down ious, his ex-wife said that is completely false slander.At that time, she was still married and helped her ex-husband with the factory finances.Iou she personally witness is also know the bottom of the matter, are all voluntary liu Shaobing wrote.Later, because of the divorce with Liu Shaobing, so the accounts are specific how to calculate, those bills are also transferred to the later Yang accountant there.Ex-wife also helped us call Yang accountant, Yang accountant said the amount written on ious were actually liu Shaobing seven except eight deduction only left 140,000.In fact, there are more than two hundred thousand before the original, if there is no cheap Liu Shaobing should not be so happy to write ious.Informed workers said Liu Shaobing was also owed Liu Shaoliang 210,000, for brotherly love will not be unhappy because of money.Therefore, the kind-hearted Liu Shaoliang did not say anything after the 210,000 yuan was deducted seven times by Liu Shaobing to 140,000 yuan.Finally iou of 140,000 Liu Shaoliang also had to helpless recognition, first now there are so many people liu Shaobing owe his brother Liu Shaoliang wages to testify.Do not know liu Shaobing will make what kind of explanation?So we called Liu Shaobing again.Liu Shaobing still denied the testimony of so many people on the phone, he thought his ex-wife and his divorce had generated hatred.So it’s a deliberate attempt to discredit him, and Accountant Yang he’s not even a qualified accountant and can’t be trusted.In Liu Shaobing’s eyes, all the people who testify against him are those who want to hurt him, and there is no good person.In everyone’s eyes, the two brothers’ personalities are like two extremes.Brother Liu Shaoliang heart good person is very respected, and brother Liu Shaobing we can only use scum two words to describe.The elder brother is taking advantage of the younger brother’s kindness, so there is no bottom line to squeeze the younger brother.The younger brother always believed that brotherly love has this life and no afterlife.Even when he breathed his last breath, he did not turn against his brother.And Liu Shaoliang is good to Liu Shaobing in the daughter looks it is too weak, good in front of Liu Shaobing not only not worth mentioning.Also by wanton trampling, because Liu Shaoliang until the closing of the eyes of that moment Liu Shaobing did not have a look.All of them seemed to feel very angry, and they all stepped out to help the helpless Chen.To the unfeeling Liu Shaobing arrears.Some lawyers offered to help Chen as an agent for free, and everyone began to support Chen and her daughter.People came forward to testify.Then liu Shaobing sues the court to ask to return arrears, what let a person cannot understand is liu Shaobing eye has money only?All affection and love for him are nothing to worry about, his unfeeling and cold let a person shudder.Liu Shaoliang has always been my heart to the moon, but the moon shines on the ditch, heart tao lung pay is.There are also brothers, can not play.Note: picture material source and network, such as infringement contact deleted