Luoshan: water supply transformation is the people’s livelihood warm people’s heart

2022-06-17 0 By

Image network news (Elephant news reporter Wu Yanfei correspondent Peng Yingying wu Yapping Liu Mingrui) in order to improve the urban water supply capacity, Luoshan County timely start the urban water supply pipe network renovation project, the old water supply pipe network of the county centralized renovation, in order to ensure the production and living water needs of the people.A few days ago, reporters in Luoshan County administrative road pipe network transformation construction site to see, the roar of the machine, the scene is a busy construction scene.Since administrative road network transformation construction, luoshan county tap water company actively implement to solve the practical problems in the process of water users, during the period of construction will water the time compression to the shortest, and start the water measures, ensure the residents demand during water supply, and will be fixed water time and water place to inform the user, to facilitate users of water storage, water preparation in advance,Get the unanimous high praise of the residents.It is understood that from March this year, luoshan county water company actively implement pipe network transformation program.At each operation point, workers wearing yellow vests and hard hats worked overtime at their respective posts and worked in an orderly manner. They adopted the 24-hour working system of white plus black with three shifts, racing against time and catching up with the progress.At the same time, strict quality control, so that the livelihood of the project as soon as possible high quality, benefit luoshan people.(Xinyang News hotline: 0376-6880376, email: “Elephant Escort Office” of tel: 180 0371 9699)