A detailed interpretation of the new rules on investment by Turkish immigrants

2022-06-18 0 By

Recently, the Turkish government issued a series of new rules on investment migration policy, mainly focusing on exchange rate changes and other aspects,Today, we will make a detailed analysis of the specific changes in the policy: the latest amendments to the Implementation Regulations of Turkish Citizenship Law 2022.1.6 are published in the official Gazette according to the “Regulations to amend the Implementation Regulations of Turkish Citizenship Law” signed by Turkish President Erdogan in the official Gazette of January 6, 2022;The conditions for foreign citizens to obtain Turkish citizenship through investment have changed.The investment did not change, the biggest change of regulations from 1 (7) and (10) : (7) to track through the investment of citizenship application, the ministry of the interior inside will set up a committee, the committee by the ministry of Labour and social security department, Ministry of Finance, environment, urbanization and climate change, and representatives of industrial technology.(10) Foreign currency from (b) investments in properties of US $250,000 (c) fixed deposit of US $500,000 (d) government bonds of US $500,000 (e) Real estate funds of US $500,000 will be sold to the Turkish Central Bank and converted into lira for trading.One of them.(c) US $500,000 fixed deposit (d) Us $500,000 government bonds to be held in lira for three years.On January 21, 2022.21, the Central Bank of Turkey issued a more detailed operation guide on Regulation (10), which relates to the operation of customer investment funds. The details are as follows:To apply for Australian citizenship for buying patterns ($250000 real estate investment and holding three years) 1, the customer will play your developer account $2 after receiving the client money, developers, developers need to sell dollars to account bank to central Banks, and foreign exchange purchase vouchers (developer account to sell to the central bank’s currency will use the bank website at 10 o ‘clock every day, 11 a.m.,(12 o ‘clock, 13 o ‘clock, 14 o ‘clock, 15 o ‘clock), the coupon will show the amount of lira earned by selling dollars to the central bank.3. Before the transfer, the developer shall submit the purchase certificate to the land Bureau, and the lira displayed on the purchase certificate will be displayed on the client’s land deed as the sales price.4. For the money remitted to the developer’s account before the new regulation (2022.1.21), there is no need to apply for purchasing foreign exchange certificate. When transferring the account, only the receipt voucher of remittance is required.For deposit application for naturalization mode (deposit USD 500,000 for 3 years) 1. The customer deposits USD 500,000 to the bank.2. The depository bank needs to sell US dollars to the Central Bank and obtain the foreign exchange coupon (the exchange rate sold by the depository bank to the central Bank will be the exchange rate published on the website of the Central Bank at 10:00, 11:00, 12:00, 13:00, 14:00 and 15:00 every day).This policy change will have no impact on buyers. The operation of foreign exchange will be completed by the developer, but the transfer of ownership requires an additional certificate of foreign exchange coupon than before.It has a great impact on deposit customers. Customers need to deposit in lira for 3 years, and the government does not guarantee the exchange rate after 3 years.Willing to immigration professional dealing with immigration of various countries.With the lowest price to give you the most attentive service, details can be logged on the immigration official website