Hangzhou traffic police good job!In the Spring Festival, walking kept the beginning

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We are through a special winter we are going through a test in the face of this epidemic invisible enemy hangzhou traffic police reverse day and night, and fight them in the spirit of “SanNeng” important instructions to guide firmly hold on to the forefront of resistance with loyal and stick to cast up the epidemic prevention and control of solid wall guard together with love and perseverance peace weathered rain and snow,Every stick in the post of “fluorescent yellow” is a spark of fire with their own light and hot ding Gao Jie: let the light of youth shine in the cold wind “young is my biggest capital!”Hangzhou public security traffic police riverside brigade pu along the squadron deputy captain Ding Gaojie is a 90, the epidemic attack, he knows that this is a test of the youth police mission of the critical moment, so the first time called on the squadron of young people, the establishment of the anti-epidemic youth commandos.Since the outbreak of COVID-19 in Binjiang District on January 26, the young commandos led by Ding Gaojie have taken the team as their home and volunteered to work in the most dangerous and difficult positions on the road, and carried out round-the-clock centralized transport of epidemic prevention supplies and quarantinable people.Standing for six or seven hours in a protective suit and goggles, which left deep ligature marks across his young face.Hangzhou public Security traffic police Riverside brigade long Squadron auxiliary police branch captain Chen Dong is responsible for the squadron all auxiliary police post layout, preparation and scheduling overall work, in the face of the changeable epidemic prevention and control situation, Chen Dong body indoors, heart in the front line.At 3am, when he learns that there is not enough police on the road, like a waiting soldier, he rushes to the road without a word and stays up all night.His wife is an auxiliary police officer in Changhe Police Station of Binjiang District Public Security Sub-bureau. They are both the backbone of important functional departments at the center of the epidemic storm. In order to prevent and control the epidemic and work needs, the couple has become a 24-hour resident who does not return home.Facing the dying grandmother and the plight of two young sons, they chose to stick to their posts without hesitation.Yang tao: QuanFan one, is how to protect a person from Jan. 31, New Year’s eve has been instructed reinforcements of fuyang, hangzhou public security traffic police uptown brigade wushan Yang tao haven’t been home for four days, the squadron police “QuanFan more than one, is how to protect a person,” inarticulate Yang Taoyong the most simple language to express a policeman plain beginner’s mind.Yang Tao’s post is located at the junction point of Jinjialing, national Highway 320, which is the only way in and out of Fuyang. The traffic flow is huge every day. It can be said that guarding this point is half the control of the epidemic situation.From morning until late at night, Yang tao stayed at his post to persuade transit vehicles again and again. On New Year’s Eve alone, 1,500 vehicles were persuaded to return.In the face of the masses’ incomprehension, Yang Tao patiently and carefully explained the work, and set the image of the police high in the hearts of the masses.Zhao Zhiyang, deputy squadron leader of Wenxin Squadron, West Lake Brigade of Hangzhou Public Security Traffic Police, has been in a state of high concern since January 27, when COVID-19 cases were confirmed in his gudang district.On January 27, I gave up rest and returned to the team. I joined the first-line community containment team at the first time.On The 28th, police gathered to carry out containment and control work;Vehicle management and traffic order guidance were carried out around the affected communities on Saturday.30, cooperate with the local government to carry out mass interpretation work;31, patrol in the control area, New Year’s Eve on the post, overnight received instructions to rush to fuyang;At 6 o ‘clock on February 1, led colleagues to drive nearly 70 kilometers, early in the morning rushed to the xugao Line fuyang and Lin ‘an junction, formally transferred to fuyang anti-epidemic battlefield;To this day, Zhao Zhiyang is still working in fuyang bayonet point.Tired, a nap in the tent;Cold, stomp your feet in place;When you’re hungry, put a little in your mouth…”Simple, fast, eat full line,” zhao Zhiyang has been eating as a task, hurriedly deal with a few instant noodles, and continue to return to the post.On The New Year’s Eve of January 31st, Chen Yongsen, a policeman of Hangzhou public Security traffic police, who was having the New Year’s Eve dinner, suddenly received a phone call asking him to rush to Fuyang immediately.The epidemic is an order. As a party member, Chen yongsen put down his chopsticks without saying a word and rushed to the unit to gather.More than 80 kilometers of wind and rain, Chen Yongsen with the fastest speed to 320 national Road jam point.Command bayonet, explain persuasion, ease congestion……In the early morning, the temperature had dropped to below zero, but Chen had forgotten the bitter cold and fatigue. In the evening, he helped more than 1,000 vehicles to return home, protecting the lives of the people with heavy loads.”Dad, aren’t you off today? Why do you have to work on New Year’s Eve?In the face of his son’s call, Chen Yongsen felt guilty, but had no regrets.Wood jade copyright belongs to the original author, if infringement, please contact to delete