Rumor has it that King is not close to strangers, not close to women, but in love with a 15-year-old girl!

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Book fans have kept you waiting.Many of my friends have fallen into the dilemma of book shortage.No books to see, some books can not go down and waste time, this xiaobian is also the same sympathy for everyone, so xiaobian carefully arranged a few novels, absolutely let everyone see enough!I want you to watch it without sleeping!Without further ado, we’re on our way.It is said that Jing Si Ye did not approach strangers, did not approach women, but fell in love with a 15-year-old girl!The first: “flash marriage to attack: president’s family pet small sweet wife” author: wake up dream introduction: hearsay King four strangers not close, “kung fu”.Therefore, under the cherry blossom rain all over the sky, the naive girl of the leaf family asked: “Will you break the big stone in your chest?”She was fifteen years old that year.Rumor has it that ye’s enterprise went bankrupt once, and the daughter, who has not yet graduated, became a legal person with billions of debts.It is said that Jing Si Ye is not close to strangers, not close to women, but in love with a 15-year-old girl!Leaf jiuchu thought of the car before and after the entanglement, gas brain pain, can see the nightmare sheng Jingyun pale, exhausted, she restrained anger and he did not attack.The wrist that was hurt by him wiped medicated wine, she stood up, without nostalgia turned to go upstairs, the back figure showed to be irritated indifference.After sitting on the sofa and pinching his eyebrows for two minutes, Sheng took out his cell phone and called Mu Zhi Zhou, saying, “What a bad idea!”Soak up the continent about the beauty in the hotel, just washed a bath ready to enter the topic, hear this words meng instant, quick reaction come over: “I go, you really loaded drunk?Screwed up?”Sheng jingyun replied with a cold snort.Mu of the continent to the interest, a push the long legs of the United States to listen to details.Sheng Jingyun one head two big: “say the solution.He woke up from a nightmare and couldn’t go back to sleep. He tried to listen to see if the person on the other end of the line could say anything right.The fact proves, mu of the continent depend on the spectrum like touch prize, see providence entirely, and at the moment the gossip heart burst of his, apparently did not be providence care for.Sheng Jingyun listened to his nonsense, temple thumping, deeply realized what is called “relying on others is better than relying on oneself”.But he really felt that he was a little unreliable at the moment.He was full of words, went to the door of the early leaf nine knock along while did not get a response, dejected to return to the master bedroom, hit himself on the big bed, the mood complex.(click below to read for free) the second: “Fast wear system I give female when bestie” author: Thin drunk lean on the wind introduction: Hua Heng Jun is very depressed, once just die, but got a system, through to each small world when female……Bestie, to help her solve the problem of love, friendship and affection, the more important is to put the female back to lie rebirth, maintain the smooth operation of the world priority: please attract the attention of Zhou Duo, reward integral 500.”The soul of Hua Heng was called back by a word of goo goo ga ga. She grinded her back teeth and thought, “What’s the hurry, the drama is still behind.””Please cause zhou Duo’s attention, reward integral 500.”The soul of Hua Heng was called back by a word of goo goo ga ga. She grinded her back teeth and thought, “What’s the hurry, the drama is still behind.”Zhou Duo a team of people caused the attention of all people, including Gu Ting LAN, she wants to be very good, past life Zhou Duo all concubines are weak liu fufeng attitude, that bright bright Hua Heng jun all can not get his care.Oneself also is to pass such means to hook up his, present oneself rebirth again come back, the zhou Duo that must hook up again obeisance in skirt below.Zhou Duo make people settled in the yard, he entered the garden, he did not want to come, can not set up his niang rustling cluster of tears beads, remember his niang told, “son ah, you go to find a good talk about plover.”All the way cold face looking for Hua Heng Jun, want to mention the cancellation of the engagement.On the way to climb up the relationship to get familiar with the people are zhou Duo’s cold face scared, dark rub rub of discussion, Hua Wang Fu this but to pour a big bad luck.Gu Tinglan heart count, side saw zhou Duo over the hand veranda came here, she put the hands of the pat shaking faster, pretending to be a careless out of hand, pat fell into the lake, exclaiming, delicate to Zhou Duo way “Zhou Shaoshuai, my pat fell into the lake, can you help me pick up…”Hua Heng jun almost laughed in the pavilion.It’s okay to ignore it.Gu Tinglan bit a bite lip, how to return a responsibility, the former I Ming Zhou Duo stopped to see her.Little do not know hua Heng jun this small world maintenance member in, yesterday Hua Heng Jun called people to zhou Fu, let see Zhu hard to zhou old lady played a good play, maybe Gu Ting LAN do not know, Zhou Duo is the most concerned about his mother, xu is not to show his mother excessive care, let Gu Ting LAN gave up the week old lady this shortcut.Introduction: Three years ago, I met Jiang Dawei for the first time. We had an ambiguous affair. He stopped before my marriage, turned around and left, and didn’t see me for three years.Whenever I think of this warm man, I can only hate not to meet not married.I thought Jiang Dawei would gallop out of my life like a passer-by. Priority: I came out of dinner with Jiang Dawei and walked toward Wanda’s downstairs.Jiang Dawei asked me, “Is there anything I haven’t bought that I can show you around?I’ll take you back.””Also nothing,” I and Jiang Dawei said, and he was still a little embarrassed, not as good as rong Rong out shopping at will, to buy things for Zhao Yan had to say next time, “today out is to help you pick gifts for your son, have chosen, there is nothing.”Jiang dawei nodded and slowly continued walking with me. After a few steps, I stood still and stopped outside the wanda Arcade, looking inside.Jiang Dawei did not notice, went forward two steps before turning back, “want to play?””The coin saved before, did not come for a long time, as a flower intact.”I looked up at Chiang and said, “Are you playing?””Accompany you,” Jiang Dawei nodded, said to accompany me, in fact I play he looked at, the whole game city of things I will only play basketball, other are not good at all, but also in love with Zhao Yan when he likes to come, and then gave birth to niuniu completely did not come again.When I passed by today, I remembered that I still had some coins here. I probably won’t come here again in the future, so I just took them out and spent them clean.I shot a person, the result is very bad, turned to Jiang Dawei for help, ask him to help me.Jiang Dawei was shaking his head, refused to come over.”No?Just throw it in, “I said, looking at Chiang, wanting to reach out and drag him over.Jiang dawei said, “There are no people my age to play here.””You look twenty at best. How come you’re not in your year?”I threw the ball to Jiang Dawei’s chest, he conditions launched caught the basketball, very reluctant to come over and throw into a ball, I touch him with the body, “and, here who know who ah, what embarrassed?”(Click below to read for free.) Any of these novels, some of them classics, will keep you hooked for minutes.If you have a better novel recommendation, be sure to share it with xiaobian, or leave a message to me. I’m looking forward to your recommendation.She was taken to be a child bride at the age of three. She was spoiled by her father and father. It was very difficult to be a child bride.”Good morning, Major General” daughter vomiting, the king of the Iron Army violent hammer major general, the whole army laugh at the cross anger military abuse article: she was killed by him in the previous life, heavy life she wants to let cheating and playing with women’s feelings of men mean women get retribution!