Tens of thousands of police officers in the American city of New York have gathered to mourn the death of a young colleague who was shot dead

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Tens of thousands of New York police officers attended the funeral of a second New York City police officer who was ambushed and killed on February 2, local time.Wilbert Mora, a police officer, was responding to a call about mother-child violence in Manhattan’s Harlem neighborhood on Jan. 21 when he and his colleague, Jason Rivera, were attacked. Mr. Rivera, a 22-year-old detective, was killed instantly. Mr. Mora, 27, died of a gunshot wound to the head.A third officer then killed the gunman, the son of the caller.Moura’s relatives, New York City Mayor John Adams, Governor Henry Horchu and others attended the funeral.Thousands of New York Police officers and residents lined Manhattan’s Fifth Avenue outside the funeral, closing several blocks of the road.People attending the funeral said gun violence will lead to more tragedies and people must act to control guns.Others have accused the Biden administration of not protecting the police enough and must punish those responsible.Rivera’s funeral was held at the same location on Jan. 28, and many police officers were already attending their second funeral in five days.Source: CCTV News client process editor: TF065