The new husband of a 1-year-old girl who was abducted 30 years ago has been supporting the search for her family

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Extreme journalist Li Xiancheng ding Wei Liu Grui Video clip Wang Peng
On the night of February 12, Tang Baobao, who had been abducted for 30 years, flew to Yunnan to claim her relatives.This time, she also brought her husband, her husband said that they did not know her birth story for long together, has been supporting her search.Tang baobao’s husband told Extreme Vision news that he met Tang Baobao on a hitchhiking trip, and the two developed a relationship that led to their wedding on Feb 5.”She told me her story soon after we met,” said Tang baobao’s husband, who said he and his family have been very supportive of her search.Tang told reporters that she had never seen Dashan before.”When I was a child, I saw the landscape on TV and my heart fell in love. I never thought my home was like this.”Tang baobao said.Her husband also lovingly picked a few mountain flowers from the roadside for her and put them on her head.At 10:50 on the 13th, Tang Baobao’s family held a reunion breakfast in their hometown of Zhaotong.Bacon, crisp meat, potatoes, bean flowers…Tang’s mother prepared many local delicacies to celebrate her return home with her new husband.Reunion breakfast1 year old baby girl tomorrow back to yunnan endeavoured abducted 30 years later, his father had died eight years were 1 year old girls abducted 30 years after the middle of the night to go home, mother’s tears for her wear red flower were 1 year old baby girl abducted endeavoured for 30 years with the groom the middle of the night to return, after getting up along the mountain road home beauty more good information, please download the application market “as news”, the client, without authorization, please do not reprintTips are welcome and will be paid on acceptance.