Winter tour yangming Cave

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Yangming Cave is located in the xiashan mountain east of Xiuwen county, Guiyang city, Guizhou Province. It is a national key cultural relic protection unit.Passing through the ticket barrier, a rectangular pool came into view.The pool is shrouded in mist rising, walking along the side, no legs, like a dream.Not far from the pool, hits the trees tall and straight, spring is in the air.In front of him stands a statue of Mr. Wang Yangming, 8.8 meters high in white marble, with a slightly raised jaw, facing the peaceful city.His hands stood out, one holding the roll, the other pointing.Statue left and right sides for the arc memorial wall, respectively engraved “add Qingping County governance sparse” and “Rediscuss peace County governance sparse”.Mr. Yang Ming is a great scholar, life trials and hardships, literary governance and military eminence.His ancestor was a descendant of Wang Xizhi in Langya, Shandong province.He was born in Yuyao, Zhejiang during the chenghua reign of emperor Xianzong of Ming Dynasty.Wang Yangming was a famous thinker, philosopher, calligrapher, military strategist and educator in Ming Dynasty.Its calligraphy step yuanzu “two Kings”, the existence of ink, “hong Yi beauty elegant weather”.He learned calligraphy enlightenment: “I began to learn books, on the model of the ancient post, check the shape.After the pen is not light paper, meditation and static consideration, shape in the heart, long beginning through its method.””After reading Mr. Ming Dao’s book, he said,” I respect calligraphy very much, not because I want it to be good, but because I want to learn it.Not only must the word good, and how to learn also?Is to know that the ancients at any time with things only in mind to go to school, this heart smart, good word is also in which.Throughout Mr. Yang Ming’s career, the ups and downs, but also can learn, this is also his valuable place.Mr. Yang Ming arrived in Longgang, Guizhou province and lived in Xiuwen, where he achieved enlightenment through meditation and collected the great achievements of mind learning. He was honored as “the first perfect man in the world” along with Confucius, Mencius and Zhu Xi.He made outstanding achievements in virtue, meritorious service and speech.Many of his disciples, known as yao Jiang school, extensive articles chang da, line ink has handsome cool gas.Thick talent, let its famous world.Above the base, the “four teachings” are particularly eye-catching: “There is no good and no disgusting body, there is good and malicious movement, to know good and evil is conscience, to remove evil for good is a thing.”I stood here for a long time, remembering.Down the steps, the face is a big gate.The upper part of the building is covered with glazed tiles, and the lower part stands two white stone columns with hollow carvings. In the groove above the middle, there is a script: Yangming Cave.Through the gate wall, a relatively wide SLATE site spread out.On the ground, several thick and deep roots of the ancient trees, as if accompanied by vicissitudes of life.Turn right along the foot of the mountain, winding up, the steps are smooth square stone, path on both sides and hillside, is a variety of verdant ancient trees and rocks.Even in this winter, the soil is unusually loose and green, unlike my northern home, which has long been frozen.Patches of green moss clung tightly to the stone walls, picturesque scenery.I was exhausted, so my son found a stick from the forest as a walking stick to help me.The grandson, under the protection of his son, sprightly ran back and forth, capering like a warbling bird.This winding path through the secluded scenery of the mountains, can not help but make people relaxed and happy.After a sandwiched wall, when we were about to reach the top of the mountain, there was another open space paved with smooth stones, with a stone wall on the right, perhaps for the safety of tourists.I felt refreshed after a short rest.The clouds in the sky were a clean blue and white.I leaned against a palm tree and called for my son to come over and take a picture.On the rock on the left, there was a beautiful pavilion. When I asked the security guard, he said it was called “Junzi Pavilion”.Junzi Pavilion, hexagonal double eaves save pointed Qing Dynasty architecture.Pavilion northeast area rock, qing Dynasty he Changling records Wang Shouren “modest gentleman pavilion” tablet inscription.Under the wall of the junzi Pavilion, Chiang Kai-shek inscribed “unity of knowledge and action”, which is the third time when Lao Chiang arrived in yangming cave.So this must have been a pleasant place.Opposite the pavilion is a wooden courtyard.It is said that Wang Yangming lived in seclusion here for a long time and became intimate with the local people.When he went up the mountain, the people volunteered to cut wood for him to build a house, although simple, but can protect from wind and rain, after several repairs.Wang Yangming was moved, and happily wrote an article “He Humble Xuan Ji”, the four characters take Confucius “where the gentleman lives, he humble” meaning.There is a simple sign in front of the courtyard, which reads: Zhang Xueliang Showroom.Record: On December 12, 1936, Zhang Xueliang and Yang Hucheng launched the “Xi ‘an Incident” which shocked the whole world.After the peaceful liberation of xi ‘an Incident, Zhang Xueliang was placed under house arrest ordered by Chiang Kai-shek, and the place of house arrest was secretly transferred many times.In November 1938, Zhang Xueliang was transferred to xiuwen Yangming Dong East Chamber.East Chamber, formerly known as “Cangsheng Palace”, was built during the Reign of Xianfeng in the Qing Dynasty for the worship of Cangjie, a total of two floors.When Zhang xueliang was under house arrest in the East Wing, the first floor was used as Zhang Xueliang’s study and living room, and the second floor was used as a bedroom.In May 1941, Zhang Xueliang suffered from acute appendicitis and was sent to Guiyang for surgical treatment. After being discharged from the hospital, he was placed under house arrest in Qilin Cave, Qianling Mountain, Guiyang.In the exhibition room, there are wax figures of Zhang Xueliang and Miss Zhao Si. Zhang Xueliang sits at the table with a scroll in his hand and is concentrating on it.Miss Zhao stood on the left side to accompany her reading, her body easy, virtuous and elegant.On the wall, there are vivid black and white photos of him and some important people.Wang Yangming once wrote the article “Dogma Show Dragon Field zhusheng” in “Longgang Academy”, and put forward the requirements of “determination, study hard, reform, responsibility for good”.Chiang kai-shek’s intention was to let Zhang Xueliang come here to reflect on wang Yangming quietly.On the wall of Zhang Xueliang’s sitting room hangs a board, middle record: young shuai Zhao four.To get married formally;Small letters on the book: carrying years of cold and warm.Contemporary frost love;Next book: night rain autumn lamp.Pear flower begonia accompany old.Another line: xiaolou Dongfeng, the past cannot bear to look back.Standing in the courtyard, I looked up and saw three doors inlaid with horizontal columns: “Enlighten civilization”, “Heaven and earth are always new” and “Concurrently three immortals”.On both sides of the door and on the columns, there are couplets written by literati and poets, which are filled with ancient and sighing.There is a downhill road between junzi Pavilion and the showroom. Although there are guardrails on both sides, it is very steep.My son and grandson walked slowly and carefully, while I walked more slowly with one hand on the fence and the other on the stick.After all, age does not forgive, can not afford to slip up.Halfway up the hill, is a relatively spacious site.There are two natural karst caves on the right side, the small caves are surrounded by grass and branches, green and vibrant. Above the big hole, there is inscribed “Mr. Yang Ming left his love”, which was inscribed by An Guoheng, a comfort envoy of Guizhou in the Ming Dynasty.The right side of the Ming Luo Rufang inscription “Yangmingbie Cave”;On the left is “Wonderland” inscribed by Pang Lin of qing Dynasty.There are stone benches at the entrance of the cave for visitors to rest.Turn to overlook, take in everything in a glance, buildings, pavilions, a new era style.The site outside the hole is 12 meters long and 9 meters wide, with bluestone paving the ground and bluestone railings around the edge of the rock;On both sides of the stone steps in the south are two towering ancient cypresses planted by Mr. Wang Yangming. They are called Shouren cypresses with luxuriant branches and leaves.This cave, originally called “east cave”, later called “Yangming cave”.The cave can hold 100 people.Cave top engraved more, is probably today, there are lines have scribe, size is different.Although it was rainy in the south, there was no sign of moisture inside the cave.Rare Wang Yangming chose to roost and cultivate his mind, achieving “all things in one body”.Wang Yangming was liu Jin sent assassins to kill, after the false escape into the river, the initial arrival of the dragon field will break through the thorns, temporarily built a thatched hut.At that time, the environment was harsh and the mountains were overgrown with weeds. Ethnic minorities such as the Saensmen and the mparer lived in harmony with each other, which was an uncivilized barbarian land.Although he was punished by imperial edict, imprisonment and demotion to the dragon court, he was accused of treason and suffered a great deal of torture, but he was not discouraged, combined with his own experiences over the years, day and night reflection, from which he realized enlightenment.The local people were simple enough to bring him food and communicate with him in a language they could not understand.He was in adversity, but he made the best of it.Before long, he found this bell milk cave, so he moved to the cave, pensive mind learning.About 500 years ago, Wang Yangming realized enlightenment here. Later, he was born with his heart learning. He has numerous followers throughout the ages.The main thoughts of his theory of mind: mind is reason (value being);Unity of knowledge and action (value judgment);To conscience (the destination of value), the three are inevitable progressive relations, formed a unified whole, one is indispensable.Then he left his eight-character mantra: “The heart does not move, but moves randomly”, which can be called the essence of Yangming’s heart study.Chairman MAO, our beloved great man, regarded Mr. Wang Yangming as his spiritual mentor since he was young.”The way of sages, self-sufficiency” is the spiritual root of heaven.We should learn from Wang Yangming to achieve unity of knowledge and action, cultivate moral integrity and promote the spirit of conscience, so that the country can be prosperous and clear.At this time, I think of the Meiji era of Japan “military god” admiral Toheba Lang, why in his waist brand engraved “life low worship Yangming” seven words, as his lifelong life life life goals.It was getting late, so my children and grandchildren and I walked around the mountain and saw everything.Pavilions and pavilions set each other off, steles carved calendar, hundred years of Black persimmon lush towering, not only rich cultural connotation, and quiet and pleasant scenery.Drizzle was falling in the sky, and the mountain and forest gardens were shrouded in mist and history.I think, who read the Yangming mind, who will be able to escape from the tired and fragile heart, impetuous atmosphere, with strong power, to achieve the pursuit of beginner’s mind, free and easy mind, the highest realm of self-cultivation.About the author: Gao Xingfu, net name, Mohai Genfu, born in 1963, liuhe, Hekou District, like literature, love calligraphy, is now a member of Shandong Calligrapher’s Association, dongying Calligrapher’s Association member, hekou District calligrapher’s Association director.go