China football war Vietnam first, Wu Lei + Alan + Luo Guofu charge!Li Xiaopeng: We must win without adding obstacles

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China’s men’s national football Team played against Vietnam in the group B round of the 2022 Qatar World Cup Asian Regional Qualifying Round at Mei Ting National Stadium in Hanoi, Vietnam, Feb 1, 2018. [Photo/Xinhua]Before the game, the official formation of the National football team has been officially announced, 4-3-3, Wu Lei + Alan + Luo Guofu charge!China first team: Goalkeeper 1- Yan Junling;Defenders 4- Wang Shenchao, 5- Zhang Linpeng, 6- Jiang Guangtai, 20- Zhu Chenjie;13- Xu Xin, 21- Dai Weijun, 15- Wu Xi;Forwards 7- Wu Lei, 11- Alan, 18- Luo Guofu.Substitutes: 12- Liu Dianzuo, 23- Wang Dalei, 2- Zheng Zheng, 3- Deng Hanwen, 19- Liu Yang, 22- Yu Dabao, 8- Hao Hao, 10- Zhang Xizhe, 16- Jin Jingdao, 9- Zhang Yuning, 14- Wei Shihao, 17- Liu Binbin, China beat Vietnam 3-2 in the first leg of the tournament on October 8 last year.But at that time li Tie led the National football team to win is not very easy, and even can be said to be a narrow victory.Data, the two teams possession rate is almost equal, but the number of shots, the number of shots on target, the number of passes, China are slightly behind.This time, the National football Team will face the Vietnam team again in Hanoi, li Xiaopeng led by the National football team to face a greater challenge.New coach Li Xiaopeng led China’s men’s football team to a 2-0 defeat to Japan last Thursday, which left China completely lost its hope of qualifying for the World Cup and the third place in the group.Even if China wins three points against Vietnam, a point from Australia against Oman will rule China out of the 2022 World Cup finals in Qatar.For The National football team, in view of the current position and situation in group B of the top 12 tournament, the fate of the qualification is not in their hands, the goal of the National football team led by Li Xiaopeng is to get a victory, during the Spring Festival not to add to the fans.May this match be as captain Wu Xi hoped before the game, “New Year’s Day with a victory dedicated to the fans”!