How to solve the problem of rural bachelors in the future?

2022-06-19 0 By

How to solve the problem of rural bachelors in the future?Let’s talk about this topic today.In my opinion, in the future, shanty reconstruction should be carried out gradually in towns, so that farmers can live in towns to improve their quality of life.In this way, public resources can concentrate on the advantages of serving farmers, such as roads, transportation, shopping, medical care, pension, education, etc., which is very convenient.At the same time, it can improve the local consumption level, improve the quality of life of farmers and invigorate the local economic development.A large number of vacated homestead and agricultural land can be rented to competent people through competitive bidding to operate and cultivate, increase grain output and realize agricultural modernization;Local farmers are paid rent and can work on farms or work for themselves.When the living environment and economic environment in rural areas are better improved, many young girls will choose to find jobs in their hometown.Due to the economic development of hometown, the improvement of living environment and the increase of employment opportunities, many boys will naturally not want to go out to work and stay in their hometown to build their hometown, at the same time, the space for choosing a mate will also greatly increase.In the future, fewer and fewer girls work in big cities, boys in big cities will have to work hard, which is good for young people in big cities, easily can get lazy girlfriend disease has a very good cure function.At the same time, it will reduce the number of elderly women in cities and help the elderly find jobs in big cities.