Two torchbearers of Hebei Unicom wish the Winter Olympic Games more wonderful

2022-06-19 0 By

Today, the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Torch relay in Beijing Yanqing and Hebei Zhangjiakou two places.The torch bearers, two from Hebei Unicom, held the burning Olympic torch, carrying forward the Olympic spirit, spreading the concepts of peace, unity, friendship and health, and announcing to the world that Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games are coming!Torchbearer Zhang Chunhui.Hebei Unicom map zhangjiakou Industrial culture theme Park 148 torch bearer – Hebei Unicom Party secretary, general manager, provincial model worker Zhang Chunhui said: “Unicom strength to ensure the global event, wisdom winter Olympics open digital chapter.The torch in hand, lit unicom people’s sincere service to the motherland, the transmission is to create a better intelligent life hope.Connectivity of wisdom, access to the world, together to the future!”Torchbearer Zhao Qijun.Zhao Qijun, general manager of Hebei Cangzhou Unicom and provincial model worker, said, “There is a kind of red, which is the color of the ‘mother of the motherland’, the color of the ‘Unicom China knot’ and the color of the Torch for the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games.As a communications veteran with 40 years of experience, I feel the weight of the torch.We are not only passing the torch, but also passing on our dreams and promises.Hebei Unicom will ignite the passion of ice and snow together with athletes from all over the world and go to the Winter Olympics together!”Two torchbearers of Hebei Unicom.Hebei Unicom Photo Editor: Zheng Jianwei