“Cabbie” Spring Festival on the road

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As the year of the Tiger rang, thousands of lights lit up the night sky.In the city’s people celebrate the Spring Festival, “elder brother” “elder sister” are still driving taxis shuttle in the city’s streets and lanes, in order to let more people travel smoothly during the festival, many of them give up the reunion with family and friends, Jinan bus Hengtong company “elder brother” Li Zhiqiang is one of them.On the second day of the lunar New Year, the traditional day for jinan people to visit their parents’ home, at 6 PM, the scene of heavy traffic on the streets gradually dissipated, and pedestrians on the road sped up their footsteps to go home.Li Zhiqiang, who had just finished carrying a group of passengers, went home and stopped the car smoothly as usual.During the Chinese New Year, li chi keung, has been sticking to the car, protect public passenger transport demand, is holiday, but a day’s work for li chi keung, there is no distinction, although there will be tired, but think of home to see his family and hot delicious food, can eat while watching TV with my family, sweet enough already.No matter where you are, looking forward to the Spring Festival family reunion is always a complex for every Chinese.The Chinese New Year is coming, and taxi drivers are busy when citizens and tourists are in leisure mode.”Many drivers from other places choose to celebrate the Spring Festival in Jinan in order to prevent and control the epidemic, and more people stay in Jinan for the Spring Festival, so we should stick to our posts.”In fact, Li said, not only the Spring Festival, but almost all holidays, he and his brothers are away from their families.If they’re off for the holidays, no one’s driving.Still, he felt it was worth it to serve the masses of passengers.During the Spring Festival, in order to ensure passengers’ peace of mind, he has always worn masks and cleaned and disinfected the carriages and seats every day. Disposable masks, disinfectant and disinfectant wipes have been prepared for passengers in his taxi.Li Zhiqiang told reporters that he has been engaged in the taxi industry for 13 years, has been accustomed to every day “on the road” of life, both to help passengers back home earlier, and to earn more money, he felt hard point is also worth it.”When we have a rest, it is very difficult for passengers to take a taxi. Thinking of this, I insist on sports cars during the festival, which is convenient for everyone but also makes my own economy well-off.Last year, with the help of the company, I changed my car into a more environmentally friendly and comfortable new energy vehicle, and my income has also come up. I believe that I will continue to run in the future. I believe that the day is getting better and better.”For the New Year’s wishes, Li Zhiqiang simple and touching words.”There are a lot of cars and traffic jams on the road during the Spring Festival. I will drive carefully to ensure that every passenger who gets on my car gets to their destination safely.In this line of work, when I’m on the road all the year round, my greatest wish is, of course, to be safe, and to have my family healthy and happy.”Original title: “Cabbie” Spring Festival on the road Duty Director: Plateau Statement: reprint this article is for the purpose of transmitting more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: newmedia@xxcb.cn