Dreyfus Cup | design and competitive year-end event

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On January 24, 2022, the “Dreyfus Cup” Chinese Designer Golf Club Wenzhou team year-end competition was held in Oriental Yangyi Golf Course jointly held by Dreyfus High-end all-air system, Jiangnan Society and Wenzhou CIID Design Society.As the last match of the Year of the Ox, members of the Wenzhou team of Chinese Designer Golf Club responded positively.More than 40 designer players sweat here, showing the unique style of Wenzhou designers.In the morning, the team members came to the dongfang Yangyi golf course to sign in and attend the tee – off ceremony.Mr. Wang Liangke, general manager of Dref High-end All-air System in China, and Mr. Hu Shilie, founding team leader of Wenzhou Chinese Designer Golf Club, delivered a speech at the ceremony.They sent their best wishes to all the players and hoped that they could perform well and achieve their desired results.Mr. Hu Shilie, founding team leader of Chinese Designer Golf Club Wenzhou, delivered a speech. Mr. Wang Liangke, General Manager of Deaf High-end All-air System In China,Mr. Wang Liangke, general manager of American DEVF High-end all-air system in China, Mr. Hu Shilie, founding team leader of Chinese Designer Golf Club Wenzhou team, and Mr. Ye Guangxiao, team leader of Chinese Designer Golf Club Wenzhou team participated in the kick-off.The match began with the ceremonial first swing of the three.The players are full of energy, to show their training results in a year on the game.In line with the love of golf, the Chinese designer golf Club Wenzhou team players show their skills, in this year-end event for a fierce competition.In addition to the competition, the wenzhou team members also discussed and communicated with each other about their design achievements and the new design concepts they learned and understood, turning the stadium into a design exchange field.Will this competition “competition, health, communication” through the end of the theme.Wenzhou designer golf team was established on November 28, 2020, although it is not long established “recruit team”, but the emphasis on golf is not lost with other city teams.Since the establishment of Wenzhou team, in addition to the daily life and work of the players, football skills training has become a must in the life of every designer.Now, the designers sweat on the court to draw a successful end to a year of hard training.Awarding party: The banquet of wine and honor and hymns the exciting and exciting competition came to an end with the night.In the evening, the designers arrived at the year-end dinner.Chinese designer Mr Golf club in wenzhou team and team captain Hu Shilie, Chinese designers golf club in wenzhou team Mr Wen captain Ye Guangxiao and U.S. Dai Fu high-end full air system’s general manager Mr Wang Liangke successively speeches and player expressing gratitude to the people who showed up again, Mr Wang Liangke also made the scene for the designers present share,So that we have a more comprehensive and in-depth understanding of the American Daifu high-end all-air system, which will be launched in Wenzhou in 2022.After the speech, Mr. Wang Liangke held a prize question-and-answer activity at the scene, and the ten winners who answered correctly were awarded a high-end intelligent thermos cup by Mr. Wang Liangke.After the speech, the host invited Mr. Guo Congcong, secretary general of CIID Wenzhou Interior Architect Center, to present Mr. Hu Shilie with the honorary medal of Chairman of Chinese Designer Golf Club Wenzhou Team.And invited Mr. Hu Shilie, chairman of The Chinese Designer Golf Club Wenzhou team, to award the honorary medal of the Captain of the Chinese Designer Golf Club Wenzhou team to Mr. Ye Guangxiao;Finally, Mr. Ye Guangxiao awarded honorary MEDALS to Mr. Chen Shaoke, Mr. Bouwe, Mr. Lu Jun and Executive committee Mr. Ye Duopeng, Mr. Chen Dong, Ms. Ye Guangwei and Mr. Ye Zhou.According to the statistics of the organizer,The “Dai Fu cup” Chinese designer golf club in wenzhou team final the final results are as follows: the farthest distance award to sleep you recently the midline prize: Chen Shengshang BB award: Dai Yuan PP prize: van Zhang Yi annual progress: Chen Liping perfect attendance award: the baron chung 2 Zhu Shu friends ah chung combination champion: redfall Xu Qian runner-up: Lu Jun Chen qing huang ji: Que gramsJue You personal net champion: Bouwe runner-up: Chen Dong third runner-up: Hu Shilie Individual total champion: Lu Jun runner-up: Ye Duopeng third runner-up: Chen Shaoke rookie Champion: Zhang Dao Forgings second runner-up: Shichun Falls third runner-up: Ge Jialiang During the dinner party, the host announced the list of winners after the statistics of the year-end competition.Mr. Ye Guangxiao, captain of Wenzhou team, presented the awards to the athletes and the groups and took a group photo.Finally, in order to thank Mr. Ye Guangxiao for one year’s contribution to wenzhou golf Club, the chairman of the golf club Mr. Hu Shilie came on stage to award Mr. Ye Guangxiao the annual contribution award.After awarding all the awards, the host invited the new members of wenzhou team and took photos with Mr. Hu Shilie, chairman of the team, and Mr. Ye Guangxiao, captain of wenzhou team.I believe that with the new blood to join, Wenzhou team will add new luster.New members of Wenzhou team pose for a group photo