New Year celebration of “Gongfu Qingdao” : The smart clothes platform brings new experience of smart life

2022-06-21 0 By

On New Year’s Eve, January 31, the 2022 “Gongfu Qingdao” New Year celebration, hosted by Qingdao Industry and Information Bureau, was broadcast on Qingdao TV news channel.In the program, according to the “clothing, food, housing and entertainment” four themes, the publicity of Qingdao “new and old golden flower brand”.Among them, the haier dress networking’s understand platform with its hardware understand garment cloud mirror, brings to the user to wear take a fitness new experience, showed the background of intelligent manufacturing garment cloud mirror wisdom family new species Life makes for a boom in “Qingdao brand really taste” section, haier think home three wings bird, managing Li Yuanhai invited to round-table interview.At the scene, Li Yuanhai focused on the new smart balcony and smart cloakroom scenario solution of Three-winged Bird under the digital transformation.In the scene of smart cloakroom, Li Yuanhai introduced the core net device of the scene — The Cloud mirror of Understanding clothing.Cloud mirror of Understanding Clothing is the “second screen” of future smart home built around the “clothing” field of “food, clothing, housing and entertainment”.When the user stands in front of the cloud mirror, it can automatically identify and generate a 3D image, realize the virtual try on of many brands of clothing, and can choose and match clothes according to different occasions.Relying on the big data platform behind, The Cloud mirror can actively learn users’ dressing preferences, and finally provide accurate personalized style and collocation suggestions through data analysis.Be worth what carry is, understand the clothes cloud mirror carry cloud shop linear source clothing factory, provides the massive high quality clothing purchase options, through 3 d try after satisfactory clothing can be in the cloud on a key order for lens, that is what you get, to provide users with dressing and collocation, the wisdom of buying solutions, intellectual tide of life at home, and it cannot leave behind understand dress understand leading garment digital platformThe platformLeading apparel industry transformation and upgrading understand garment platform digital service platform, is the world’s leading clothing to archives mouths of cloud, cloud, cloud almirah small program to support and develop an factory side, stores, the consumer data operation integrated management system and intelligent interactive devices – understand garment cloud mirror, clothing industry through the whole industrial chain upstream and downstream, the digital production services for the factory, for the doorShop provides digital management and marketing services for the consumer to provide wardrobe digital management service, allows users to experience the real closed-loop convenient and efficient service, at the same time the whole garment industry turn digital successful understand garment platform cloud mirror via the core network provide users with wisdom locker room scene, can to upgrade the whole cloakroom digitally.Not only can users get personalized clothing care and matching advice, but they can also place orders with one click on their screen or mobile phone.If there is a personalized need, we can also provide users with private customization, tailored clothes.Facing the upgrading of consumer demand, personalized orders of consumers are also bringing challenges to clothing manufacturers.The traditional assembly line has been unable to meet the demand, so the garment manufacturing factory must be digitally transformed.Tongyi platform provides users with a solution platform for the whole life cycle of clothing. On this platform, data can be circulated on the platform by linking the home end, store end and factory end together.The factory can do flexible production according to the needs of users, personalized customization, to achieve small order fast reverse, fast to meet the needs of consumers.In addition to providing users with wearing services, it also brings comprehensive family life solutions.Cloud Mirror also carries laundry, fitness, wardrobe storage, leisure and entertainment services, providing users with one-stop smart life solutions of “washing, care, storage, purchase and collection”, which has become an indispensable core standard of high-end smart family life