Playing with privileges, accepting favors…Jiangsu reported five typical cases of ineffective epidemic prevention and control

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China News on April 6According to the official wechat news of “Clean Jiangsu”, on April 6, the Commission for Discipline inspection and Supervision of Jiangsu Province notified five typical cases of ineffective epidemic prevention and control. The details are as follows: Zang Qunqing, secretary of the General Branch of the Party and director of the village committee of Jiegou Village, Banzhuang Town, Ganyu District, Lianyungang City, provided convenience for vehicles to bypass the inspection point of national road and collected the treatment fee.On March 23, 2022, Zang Qunqing violated the requirements of epidemic prevention and control of traffic bayonet by removing the fixed protective facilities at the bayonet 1 km away from the traffic inspection point of National Road 327 without authorization and replacing them with iron fences that could be switched on and off.From 24 to 28, Zang Qunqing used the bayonet to facilitate the trucks to bypass the inspection point to enter Ganyu territory for several times, and received a total of 4100 yuan through wechat for 7 times, which seriously violated the provisions of the epidemic prevention and control policy, caused great risks and hidden dangers, and took the opportunity to make profits in the epidemic prevention and control, with bad nature.On March 30, Zang Qunqing was removed from his post and ordered to resign as head of the village committee.Zhang Pinglei, director of section iii of Xindian Town, Xinyi City, violated the discipline of epidemic prevention and control by abusing his privileges.On March 10, 2022, Shanghai Zhang Pinglei driving licence sedan to great lakes village Sun Wei XinDian Town control check points, when the field work personnel, carry on the inspection registration, a self-proclaimed township government staff refused to cooperate, the verbal conflict, cause traffic jams, after to clear, the traffic police at the scene of treated during the crowd and video transmission,Have a bad effect.Zhang, as a Party official, should have actively cooperated with the epidemic prevention and control work, but he ignored the disciplinary requirements of epidemic prevention and control and refused to listen to dissuasion.On March 21, Zhang received a warning from the Party.Wang Yifeng, deputy mayor of Shiqiao Town, Yangzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone, and others failed to implement epidemic prevention measures for community dinner activities, leading to the spread of the epidemic.From March 7 to 8, 2022, Ren Xx, a resident of Yangzixinyuan Community in Shiqiao Town, did not report to the community as required by the epidemic prevention and control. She held a 45-table birthday party for her mother on three occasions downstairs, and invited a troupe to perform on stage. Dozens of people, including wang Xx, an asymptomatic infected person, watched.Wang Yifeng, the town’s deputy mayor in charge of epidemic prevention and control, and Huang Chunsheng, the secretary of the Party branch of Yangzi Xinyuan community and the director of the neighborhood committee, failed to check the epidemic prevention and control of the birthday party held by residents in their jurisdiction, and failed to prevent crowds from gathering in time, leading to the spread of the epidemic.On March 12, Wang yifeng and Huang Chunsheng received disciplinary warnings from the Party, while other responsible personnel were dealt with accordingly.Tang Weiyang, member of the CPC Working Committee, member of the Political and legal Affairs Committee and deputy commander of the sub-district Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters of Zhongxing Sub-district, Siyang County, did not properly control key personnel.From March 13 to 15, 2022, Zhongxing Street and Dongguang Community under its jurisdiction did not strictly implement the “3+11” health management requirements for si personnel from outside the city, resulting in the non-returning Si personnel Surnamed Xiong’s two active reports were not timely controlled. During the home health monitoring, he went out to take nucleic acid tests and went to other public places.Transport isolation was not scheduled until it was confirmed to be a close connection.Zhongxing street on March 15, 16 also for two consecutive days did not report the investigation of personnel outside the city as required.Tang Weiyang received a government warning and He Xuehua, party secretary of Dongguang Community, received a government demerit on March 23 for failing to implement the epidemic prevention and control work and leading to the loss of control of key personnel.Lin Jiang, deputy director of clinical Laboratory of Jiangyin People’s Hospital, and others delayed reporting abnormal nucleic acid test results, causing delays in epidemic prevention and control work.At 18:00 on March 18, 2022, the preliminary screening of the Clinical laboratory of Eo Shanwan Hospital found abnormal results of nucleic acid samples of 10 inpatients, that is, double reagent retest was conducted according to relevant provincial regulations. At 21:00 that night, tang Wendong, the staff member, found that the results were still positive, that is, he informed Lin Jiang through wechat, but Lin Jiang didn’t reply.At 7 o ‘clock on 19th, Lin Jiang should have reported it in time after seeing the wechat message, but he made the decision to retest again and reported it only after the retest result was still positive at 12 o ‘clock on 19th, causing two delays of 15 hours in total, which seriously delayed the hospital’s emergency response work such as containment and increasing the risk of the spread of the epidemic.On March 20, Lin Jiang and Tang Wendong were given a severe warning by the Party.