These flowers filled the balcony garden, really beautiful cry, this is the way life should be

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Another year green grass, spring is coming, take off the thick cotton-padded jacket, put on light new clothes.Unload the restraint and bondage of winter, welcome the recovery of all things, spring flowers.Spring, the leading role will always have – flowers.What would it be like to have a small balcony, full of flowers?Step by step unripe flower, the day that has flowers and plants concomitant, this balcony is poem and distance.In this balcony flower garden, everything is so free, early morning evening, sunny and rainy days, the eyes are happiness.Set up a flower rack, rose vines crawling all over one wall, this is the taste of joy.Flowers in a swing frame, accompanied by flowers and plants.Leisure time tea reading, bathed in sunshine, drunk into sleep.If you have a balcony or patio, go ahead and turn it into a garden.Flowers look like brocade to find peace, light cloud flowing water to spend this life, is also the dream of life!Some of the pictures in this article come from the Internet