Counting on the sky dragon fire male wind end is very perfect, Zhou Zhi if to death interpretation of the true meaning of love

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Zhang Wuji is not love beauty of the young xia, the beginning of the “love”.Zhang Wuji around a lot of women, although the most love Zhao Min, but also feel sorry zhou Zhi if, sorry small zhao, constantly wandering.In the long run, the three women feel that Zhang Wuji is sorry for them, zhang Wuji always seems to disappoint the hearts of women.Zhang Wuji and Zhao Min, Zhou Zhi if and xiao Zhao together first said Zhou Zhi if, in fact, zhou Zhi if there is no kindness to Zhang Wuji, can only say from an early age, Zhou Zhi if also used the sword of heaven stabbed Zhang Wuji.But Zhang Wuji and Zhou Zhi if the combination of Zhang Sanfeng is the most satisfied, when Zhang Sanfeng heard zhang Wuji to marry Zhou Zhi if, very happy.With this relationship, Zhang Wuji and Zhou Zhi if almost worshipped the world.Although Zhang Sanfeng does not overevaluate good and evil, but in his heart, he still hopes Zhang Wuji to marry a decent woman.Zhou Zhi if and Zhang Wuji did not worship into flower hall very angry Zhou Zhi if worship extinction teacher is too teacher, is the so-called “decent” people.Zhang Wuji always regards Zhang Sanfeng as his first “guardian”, surpassing his grandfather bai Mei Eagle King.But sometimes zhang sanfeng can’t help it, because Zhang Cuishan does too.Say small zhao, small zhao to Zhang Wuji is grace, Zhang Wuji can practice into the universe big move, are small zhao credit.But small zhao’s identity is unknown, she is sneaks into bright top to steal originally “universe moves greatly” heart method, because this how much should hook up with Ming jiao.Plus originally is the general Lord, this condition is difficult to enter zhang Sanfeng’s eyes.Heavy feeling heavy righteousness but xiao Zhao Zhang Wuji pay most, willing to lower the status to do Zhang Wuji servant girl;Keep his word to Zhang Wuji and resist the extinction of Master Tai, Zhang Wuji owed her a lot.Finally said zhao Min, Zhao Min and Zhang Wuji’s combination, Zhang Sanfeng should be the most opposed, because Zhao Min had designed against Zhang Sanfeng.But Zhang Sanfeng is not exterminate teacher tai, his old man is still very tactful, do not agree again how?Although Zhao Min began to play Yin to Zhang Wuji, but after falling in love with Zhang Wuji, the plot has been converged, actually gave Zhang Wuji “black jade intermittent cream” treatment of fractures.Zhang Wuji to Zhao Min is the most concerned about Zhao Min if not zhang Wuji goodwill, more people may die.Zhao Min regardless of the opposition of his father and brother, take the initiative to Zhang Wuji tipped off, so that Zhang Wuji and other Mingjiao elite was not killed by poison wine, and his body in danger, these are very great kindness to Zhang Wuji and Even Mingjiao.Although Zhao Min was the monarch of the imperial court, she was the opposite of Zhang Wuji at first, but she was the most helpful to Zhang Wuji.Although Zhang did not explicitly say so, the three women knew that Zhao min and Zhang Would definitely be together.Xiao Zhao to make the greatest sacrifice, in the Persian total forced, xiao Zhao in order to save Zhang Wuji, willing to do Ming Persia total church, and Zhang Wuji separation, sanctity.In xiao Zhao’s view, in order to make Zhang Wuji good, even if she did not see Zhang Wuji all her life.This is such a good girl, but the heart is very sad!In order to save Zhang Wuji, xiao Zhao did the saint of the three women’s performance and background, Zhao Min is noble, by education, knowledge of a lot of affirmation, is three of the highest quality;Xiao Zhao is a saint, is the Persian general church descendants, and later made the general church, certainly has a certain belief, so the quality is also higher;If Zhou Zhi was born in a poor family, parents died early, the education and care is not much, and in the “extinction” under, strange character can be imagined.The original said that if Zhou Zhi did not die in the end, some said amnesia, as if to cover up her SINS with this.The sky dragon fire xiongfeng end is good, If Zhou Zhi finally died, also begged Zhang Wuji to forgive her.Zhou Zhi if the token to Zhao Min, at the same time zhang Wuji and Zhao Min hand together, tears died, very touching!Zhou Zhi if the final death identification Zhang Wuji and Zhao Min yitian dragon dragon memory of the flame male wind end is good, Zhou Zhi if finally said to Zhang Wuji: “Zhao girl willing to sacrifice everything for you, don’t live up to her.”This sentence also interprets the true meaning of love, both sides should be willing to give to each other.It also shows that all good deeds have good results in the end!