HR also gets 900,000 yuan year-end bonus?What the hell is she capable of?

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The first thing that comes to mind is HR, but actually HR is just a general term for human resources, and the human resource system consists of COE, BP and SSC.The hero of today’s workplace true story is the corporate role of COE.Hr-coe (Centre of Excellence or Center of Expertise in HUMAN resources) is an HR expert who is proficient in a specific field and provides professional consultation on human resources for business units.Position: HR domain expert to ensure design consistency, build HR expertise, improve the effectiveness of company HR policies, processes and programs, and provide technical support to HR BP service business.Professional work including human resource planning, personnel evaluation, training demand survey and training scheme design, performance management system design, salary design and survey, and help HRBP solve professional problems in human resource management encountered in business units.And from a professional perspective to assist enterprises to formulate and improve the HR management regulations, guide HRSSC to carry out service activities.The protagonist of today’s story worked in second-tier cities for most of the ten years after graduation. In the past two years, he switched to a private listed company in Shenzhen with excellent performance and won a year-end bonus of 900,000 yuan in 2021.She is only a middle-level cadre in the human resources department.It is believed that the annual bonus of 900,000 yuan has refreshed the cognition level of most hr industry.Let’s take a look at her history and find out what she’s really capable of.Ms. Dai, born in 1986, graduated from Air Force Engineering University, majoring in English, not from 211/985 universities, nor was she born in a human resources class.After graduation in 2008, I entered Xi ‘an Branch of Kingdee Software Co., Ltd. as a human resources pre-sales consultant.If you have ever worked in a large enterprise, you will know that the human resource system used by the company is actually a very large and complex software system. Ms. Dai’s pre-sales work requires you to be very familiar with the application process and business rules of software.In the first three years after graduation, Ms. Rangdai mastered and mastered the basic business knowledge in the field of human resources, which established a good start for her future career path.Three years later, she entered the human Resources department and made her way through the difficulties. In 2010, when shaanxi Provincial government was reforming the system of an insurance company in Xi ‘an, Ms. Dai joined the HUMAN Resources Department of the insurance company and joined the human resources reform working group led by Ernst & Young Consulting.My main job is to plan the human resource development strategy and establish the company’s human resource planning, organization, salary, management and assessment system by matching with the company’s strategy and combining with the results of other reform projects and personal interviews.Work, cooperate with the hr director and consulting firm communication needs, complete implementation plan writing, on the basis of consulting advice, to carry out the cooperation with consulting firm, delivered on time, as a whole the human resources required application system module, the requirements of process to ensure that the group head office and branches to the ground the scheme determination of consulting, form the floor plan.In 2011, as a member of the company’s HUMAN resources informatization project team, I was responsible for connecting with colleagues in human resources departments, communicating with the needs of various business modules, processes and statements of the human resources system, and conducting business negotiations with suppliers.During this period, I successfully launched the system on time and completed the basic data entry work of more than 10,000 people in the company, with remarkable results and unanimous recognition of the company.At the end of 2011, I took charge of the selection and training of the company’s reserve cadres in a university, and was independently responsible for the course design, activity design, tracking file establishment, and the implementation of every link of the work and tasks.Through a series of training courses and training tasks, the company has trained many reserve talents.In the later period, 90% of the trainees were promoted to head office department leaders or branch team members.Leading company salary, performance reform work is mainly responsible for the company since 2012, pay, work performance, led by perfecting the system of a series of policies and regulations, to break the branch manpower budget don’t have formal corporation branch for more than a decade pay package, don’t have salary situation of unhealthy phenomenon, manpower budget rules, regulate the company management approach, compensation system,Realized the head office to control the branch human cost and accounting business philosophy.In the past two years, through sorting out personnel and salary, and introducing assessment and incentive measures, the labor cost of the branch company has decreased by 30%, and the per capita capacity has been increased by two times.In the past six years, Ms. Dai has been responsible for almost all modules of human resources. As a non-graduate student, she has acquired in-depth theoretical foundation and practical experience in the field of human resources.In 2016, I began to serve as the head of the company’s HUMAN resources department. My main work is to improve performance, promote the reform of cadre management and promote the company’s business development.We will reform the working mechanism for senior management teams and introduce measures to manage cadres.Until 2018, in combination with the articles of association of the company, the “Regulations on Cadre Management” was drafted again, and the selection and employment procedures of cadres were improved, providing a basis for cadre management in the aspects of cadre investigation, appointment and removal, publicity and clean government talks.Executives determine the strategy and the lifeblood of the company.All companies attach great importance to the talent management of senior executives. Ms. Dai spent two years formulating and implementing the system reform of senior executives, which is a very valuable work experience.Further progress, as actively, expand the market in the 16 to 18 years in more than two years time, the generation of woman who is head of insurance, combing update company insurance department each rules and regulations, build company reinsurance guarantee system, formulate reinsurance plan design, complete reinsurance change increases the system restructuring work camp,Have a deeper understanding of insurance business and regulations.In 2018, I began to serve as the deputy general manager of Henan Branch through selection and deployment.Under the background of no bidding experience, volunteered to undertake the bidding work of medical liability insurance in a city.Take charge of bidding document purchase, bidding document making, business negotiation, etc.This project opened up a precedent for winning the bidding of this kind of insurance in Henan Branch, roused the morale and confidence of the company, and created a depressed atmosphere of long-term negative growth of the whole business.Ms. Dai is not only responsible for human resources, but also actively participates in the core business of the company. These experiences have given her a fuller understanding of the industry and enabled her to better carry out the reform of human resources system in the insurance industry.At the beginning of 2019, Ms. Dai chose to join a listed insurance company in Shenzhen, from a second-tier city to a first-tier city at a flat salary, realizing a perfect career transition.With my rich experience in human resources in the insurance industry, my performance has been excellent every year, and I achieved a year-end bonus of nearly 900,000 yuan last year.Looking back on Ms. Dai’s career experience, her success is not accidental: during the information reform period, she has mastered a wealth of theoretical basis and business knowledge of human resources.Rich experience in human resources, covering all major modules in the field of human resources.Participate in the core work of human resources and lead the reform of senior management system.Actively participate in the core business of the company, combine the characteristics of the industry and the company, and make the reform of human resources system more down-to-earth.If you are also in the field of human resources, I hope this resume can serve as a template for you to plan your career, learn from excellent talents, and make your career less detours.This workplace real case to share here, follow me, look at the real workplace success cases, if you have different views, welcome to express your opinion in the comments section oh ~