Hot!!!Reporter: The Chinese women’s football team can beat Japan, thanks to Chen Xuyuan for nearly 3 months

2022-06-26 0 By

China’s women’s football team won the Asian Cup final against Japan 6-5 on penalties last night, giving fans another glimpse of the country’s football hopes.After the match, reporters said the victory was also thanks to Chen’s absence from the women’s team for three months, when he was in charge of everything and the team’s results were also poor.It is known to all that After taking office, Chen Xuyuan attached great importance to the results of the national team, especially Chen Xuyuan would personally follow the results of every trip of the National men’s football team. However, now the results of the National men’s football team are getting worse and worse, even Vietnam can not kick.When Chen Xuyuan was also in charge of the Chinese women’s football team, jia Xiuquan led the team to lose all the time.Mr Chen has not been in charge of women’s football since Mr Shui took over in November, because, says Journalist Ma Dexing, someone has run out of money to make from it.But now The Chinese women’s football team results rise again, let The Chinese football once again see the hope.So Madecheng said he was afraid that someone might be looking for a career in women’s soccer.Now it can be said that Chen Xuyuan has caused widespread dissatisfaction outside the world. After he took office, the level of The Chinese football league directly fell off a cliff, and the Chinese men’s football team also created the worst record in history, Vietnam could lose.So the outside world has also called the football association, implying that the football association, the position of the chairman of the Chinese football Association should change a person.But now the General Administration of Sport has also seen the decline of Chinese football, otherwise it would not have set up a special team, only to give Chen xuyuan a position of deputy leader.I hope the general Administration of Sports can save Chinese football as soon as possible, now the front of Chinese football is not bright.(the way)