Hu Zongnan’s old age “disfavor” life is desolate, before dying sorrowful call 8 words, Chiang Kai-shek instant silence

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Hu Zongnan was a whampoa student, marshal Xu Xiangqian’s classmate, and the highest achiever in the Kuomintang.Hu zongnan was born in Ningbo, Zhejiang province, spoke the local dialect that Chiang kai-shek was familiar with, and was a legitimate student of The First stage of Huangpu University. In addition, Hu Zongnan was famous for his obedience, so he became Chiang Kai-shek’s “son of God student”, which was the right place at the right time.But hu zongnan’s glory came to an end before liberation, and his status and value in Chiang kai-shek’s heart remained on the mainland.After the liberation of southwest China, Hu Zongnan earnestly took a plane to Taiwan to go to Chiang Kai-shek, but was accused of incompetence and asked to bear the main responsibility for losing the important land in southwest China, and gradually lost the proud and rainy scenery in front of Chiang Kai-shek, resulting in a bleak end.Before her death, Hu Zongnan said eight words to Chiang Kai-shek who came to visit him, and opened the illusion of harmony between teachers and students, brother and brother, so that Chiang Kai-shek also fell into silence, dare not face Hu Zongnan again, hurriedly turned and left.Why did Hu zongnan and Chiang Kai-shek drift apart, and what did he say on his deathbed that made Chiang Kai-shek say nothing?Chiang Kai-shek and Hu Zongnan Hu Zongnan was teaching in his hometown after graduating from high school, but left in anger because he rebelled against his father’s arranged marriage. He applied for admission to the Huangpu Military Academy in 1924, but was rejected because he was less than 1.6 meters tall.Fortunately, Hu Zongnan met his first noble, huangpu Military Academy party representative Liao Zhongkai, become a huangpu students.The educational achievements of Whampoa are obvious to all. Hu Zongnan’s good performance during the Eastern and northern expedients won the favor of Chiang Kai-shek, a small fellow, and from then on he rose to the top.Hu Zongnan was one of the early people who seldom obeyed Chiang Kai-shek. During the agrarian Revolution, he seriously suppressed the Red Army and never hesitated to carry out Chiang Kai-shek’s words.But Hu Zongnan was ambitious for power. After the establishment of the “Fuxing Society”, Hu Zongnan was the head of the “13 Taibao”. He also gave himself the title of “Prince of Huangpu”, and was the leader of the “Young Zhuang group” in Huangpu.After Hu Zongnan enters the central decision-making organ of national government, be appointed for the army commander of the first army and the Red Army of northern Shaanxi are at war, be routed in peng Dehuai’s hand, encounter the first Waterloo of life.The subsequent Xi ‘an incident gave him the opportunity to perform, Hu Zongnan actively responded to the rescue plan of Chiang Kai-shek, so that Chiang Kai-shek moved.Jiang Jieshi Hu Zongnan battle of Shanghai is another opportunity for Hu Zongnan to prosper, he resisted the Japanese during Yang Xing flexible strain, not only played the Blood and backbone of the Chinese soldiers, and give full play to all the theories he learned in the military academy, encourage morale, inching land, seven days did not let the Japanese forward further.Soon he was promoted to commander of the 17th Army Corps, and was the first student of the Huangpu Military Academy to have this achievement.Lanfeng meeting after the war, Hu Zongnan also became the first whampoa students when the commander-in-chief of the army, in The command of Chiang Kai-shek stationed in Yan ‘an, began to occupy the northwest “grand plan great”.The Japanese aggressors in China on the occasion of rampant violence, hu Zongnan area because of the Yellow River this a natural danger of defense and gathered the scattered army.Hu zongnan absorbed them wholeheartedly and expanded his own strength. By the end of the War of Resistance against Japan, he had amassed 500,000 soldiers and became the king of northwest China.Hu Zongnan’s position in Chiang Kai-shek’s heart and his power in the northwest became an important factor for Chiang Kai-shek to rely on him to attack Yan ‘an.In order to ensure success, Chiang Kai-shek also transferred the Ma Family army to Hu Zongnan, by his unified deployment to attack Yan ‘an.Yanan central meaning is clear, chairman MAO “save people lost ground, is to save” combat ideas, peng dehuai was established with the near the northwest field army in northern shaanxi earth with hu tsung-nan department launched the mobile warfare, chairman MAO and the central authority for yanan all departments and people evacuated before swaggering leave, hu tsung-nan was empty.But the joy of the empty city is still full of Hu Zongnan’s heart, after the capture of Yan ‘an, Hu Zongnan was proud of himself, invited a large number of reporters to report, but also let his men posing as the eighth Route Army rather than die to be interviewed, in the national newspapers sensationalist his “great achievements” into Yan ‘an.Chiang Kai-shek in Yan ‘an Chiang Kai-shek could not restrain his excitement and excitement, August 7 will take the plane to “visit Yan ‘an”, Hu Zongnan will “The East is red” in the lyrics of “China out of a MAO Zedong” changed to “China out of a Chiang Zhongzheng”, let yan ‘an people in the roadside to meet the loud singing, so that Chiang Kai-shek smile.Chiang kai-shek, however, spent only one night in Yan ‘an, then quickly departed in a preoccupied plane and never again mentioned the glory of the kuomintang’s occupation of Yan ‘an.Also because stay time is not long, Chiang Kai-shek did not find Hu Zongnan’s lies, also do not know Hu Zongnan in Yan ‘an has been struggling, the kuomintang and the Communist record and Hu Zongnan sent to Nanjing in the war report completely opposite.Qinghua-bian battle, Hu Zongnan’s reorganized 35 brigade was annihilated by the northwest field army, Dong Zhao and Liu Khan’s 80,000 army was led by the nose, and finally did not escape the end of the entire army’s destruction, even brigade commander became prisoners.After the Qinghua Air Campaign Chairman MAO in order to make a dangerous, with central organs in the Supply base of the Kuomintang Panlong town, in hu Zongnan’s doubts in doubt and stationed in panlong Town Li Kungang launched a battle, a deserter did not leave, 167 brigade of 6700 people in addition to the war dead all become northwest field army prisoners,Panlong’s large supply of food, uniforms and ammunition also fueled our army.Chiang Kai-shek suddenly called Hu Zongnan to Nanjing, his heart is very uneasy.Did not expect That Chiang Kai-shek has been the situation of the whole country, and even want to borrow troops from yan ‘an to shanxi and Shandong battlefield.Hu zongnan dismissed Chiang’s plan with the excuse that MAO Zedong, Zhou Enlai, Zhu De and other central leaders were all in northern Shaanxi, but he did not dare to promise to thoroughly clean up northern Shaanxi within two months.In order to clear up the melancholy, Hu Zongnan stayed in Nanjing and his lover got married, after a few days of sweet days to return to the northern Shaanxi, let oneself full of melancholy, continue to command Dong Zhao along chairman MAO deliberately left clues to search for the main forces of the People’s Liberation Army.Hu Zongnan and his wife and the soldiers under Hu Zongnan have been chairman MAO’s “mushroom tactics” harried exhausted, the combat effectiveness of the situation is also greatly reduced, even the elite division has been wiped out, no longer can hide from Chiang Kai-shek’s eyeliner.When Chiang Kai-shek learned of hu zongnan’s defeat, he went into a rage and dismissed Hu zongnan directly. Unable to find a suitable general and still holding hope for him, he reinstated Hu Zongnan.After this battle, Hu Zongnan broke the pot, no longer hard to maintain the illusion of success, directly to Chiang Kai-shek application for withdrawal from Yan ‘an, at this time the troops have lost more than 100,000.In fact, Chiang Kai-shek’s trust in Hu Zongnan and another thing, is because Hu Zongnan very valuable confidential secretary, was praised by Chairman MAO as “a person can top several divisions” underground party member Xiong Xianghui.The bear to hui Hu Zongnan forefoot just sent the bear to hui to study in the United States, the bureau of secrecy ye Xiangzhi took people to check the bear to Hui in Xi ‘an residence, found a secret radio.Xiong Hui hu Zongnan is the most valued confidant, Ye Xiang dare not do the Lord, he asked the secret director MAO Renfeng.Hu Zongnan is Chiang Kai-shek’s most valued protege, not long ago because of the capture of Yan ‘an and get the old man’s favor, MAO Renfeng dare not offend, only told him to send all the files to Hu Zongnan, by his own decision.Hu Zongnan knew his hand from adjutant promoted confidential secretary turned out to be an ambush for many years underground party, furious to throw all the information, but unexpectedly did not take any measures, but please MAO Renfeng for their secret, said to personally clean up the door.After Hu Zongnan and Xiong Xianghui, he asks ye Xiangzhi and shen Drunk of yunnan stationmaster of the bureau of protecting secrets that is in Xi ‘an on official business to have a meal together.During the meeting, Hu Zongnan shen Drunk and Ye Xiangzhi friendly, fraternal, only asked them to hide the bear to Hui things, by xi ‘an office, then don’t mention a word.MAO feng sell Hu Zongnan’s face, and Shen drunk and Ye Xiang are major general, naturally full of promise.At the end of the Huai-Hai campaign, Chiang kai-shek was forced to step down. Before he left, he sent a telegram to Hu Zongnan asking him to continue his resistance.However, it was not long before the PLA launched an all-out counter-offensive. Hu zongnan, in accordance with Chiang Kai-shek’s order, withdrew from Shaanxi to the Qinling Mountains and The Han River area, and defended the Sichuan and Chongqing areas, the rear area of the Kuomintang.At this time, Hu Zongnan still had 400,000 troops in his hands, but he was no longer willing to resist. He proposed to Chiang Kai-shek to transfer his troops from the southwest to the Area of Burma. Chiang kai-shek shouted at him, and then appeasingly ordered him to hold the line against the PLA.At this time, Chiang Kai-shek had become disillusioned with Hu Zongnan, because of the exposure of the bear to hui.In November 1949, Xiong xianghui, under the leadership of Premier Zhou, went to Qinzheng Palace in Zhongnanhai to meet with Kuomintang veterans such as Zhang Zhizhong and Liu Fei, and revealed his identity that had been lurking for years.Zhang Zhizhong wrote a letter to Chiang Kai-shek, who was shocked by Hu Zongnan’s concealment.However, with 400, 000 troops still in Hu zongnan’s hands, Chiang kai-shek still hoped that he could stabilize the rear and chose not to attack.Before leaving Chengdu, Chiang kai-shek summoned Hu Zongnan three times and urged him to keep Chengdu and not let him down.Hu Zongnan is doomed to live up to the expectations of Chiang Kai-shek, Liu Deng and he Long led the troops from both sides of the attack, Hu Zongnan as startled, in a hurry with the military and political chief department moved to Xichang, in an attempt to launch guerrilla and the PLA there.Liu Bocheng and Deng Xiaoping sent 13 regiments of troops to attack Xichang. Hu Zongnan retreated step by step, while sending his troops to the second opposition, while frantically reporting to Chiang Kai-shek and applying to go to Taiwan.Chiang kai-shek had become so disappointed with Hu zongnan that he rejected his reports several times, but only after some people analyzed the disadvantages of hu zongnan being captured did Chiang Kai-shek relent.Hu zongnan took refuge on Hainan island on the eve of xichang’s liberation, and a few days later was on a plane to Taiwan, only to be removed from his post by Chiang Kai-shek, leaving him with a dummy title of adviser and impeached by a number of members of the Kuomintang.At that moment, once “the son of Heaven students” became a street rat, the whole Kuomintang internal blame hu Zongnan’s crimes.Later, Chiang Kai-shek probably asked, hu Zongnan also looked for people everywhere to explain, the matter came to an end, leaving a bad reputation.Hu Zongnan was depressed all day long and complained to his cronies many times that he should have made his own apology on the mainland.In the summer of 1961, at the age of 65, Hu zongnan suddenly fell ill. He was diagnosed with high blood pressure and diabetes, but out of delicate pride refused to seek medical treatment.Just before the Spring Festival of 1962, Hu zongnan’s health took a turn for the worse and Chiang Kai-shek came to visit him at home.Hu zongnan knew that his time was running out, so he said a lot of words to Chiang Kai-shek. He was excited and lonely for a while, and finally sighed and said, “Here (Taiwan) is really boring.”In eight short words he expressed his thoughts on Chiang kai-shek’s cold treatment, and there seemed to be a hint of complaint in his mouth. But Chiang kai-shek remained silent for a long time, and without saying a word, patted his hand and left.Chiang Kai-shek attends Funeral of Hu Zongnan In the early morning of February 14, 1962, Hu Zongnan died of a heart attack at the age of 66.Chiang remembered their past love, gave Hu Zongnan a great honor after his death, but also personally participated in the public memorial activities, see off his most valued students last journey.