Realme insists on cost performance, Snapdragon 778G+ 5000 mah +144Hz, fell to 1299 yuan too sweet

2022-06-26 0 By

For a long time, when we buy mobile phones, if we want to pursue cost-effective, the first choice must be Redmi, after all, it inherited xiaomi’s “fever” constitution, price and configuration are very conscience, but with the increasingly fierce competition in the market, other manufacturers are not willing to sit still, have launched sub-brands to compete.OPPO’s RealMe, can be said to be the most obvious progress in recent years, in the cost performance of this piece of the trend to challenge Red rice, today we will talk about one of its products, that is down to 1299 yuan RealME Q3s, if you are considering to buy a thousand yuan machine, then RealME Q3s is a good choice.As for the price of RealMe Q3s, those who are familiar with realMe know that third-party platforms are always cheap. However, the price given by the author today is the official channel and the memory version is 8+128G. Compared with this, I think it is sincere.Realme Q3s also uses a 6.6-inch LCD screen, with 144Hz refresh rate support, can do multi-gear adjustment, smooth picture or power consumption, completely up to the user’s own decision, the body built-in 5000mAh battery, equipped with 30W power flash charge, although the charging speed is not fast, but very good battery life.As for photo performance, this realMe Q3s is powerless, after all, its positioning is here, sensor specifications can not be luxurious, just use 48 million main camera +2 million macro +2 million black and white combination, even a number of ultra wide Angle are not, is indeed a little poor, but scan a code no problem, I think it has been acceptable.In addition, the machine retains 3.5mm headphone interface, supports DRE dynamic operation and storage expansion, has a good heat dissipation system, the weight of the whole machine is also controlled at 199g, the thickness is only 8.5mm, in the video and audio experience and grip feel of these aspects, but to the performance of the average line, frame and back cover of a strong sense of integration, and AG grinding process on the back.Finally, when we buy a thousand yuan machine, we must know their needs, if you want to look good, its configuration may not be strong, if you pay attention to the performance of battery life, do not expect to have thin and thin hand, realME Q3s at its price, can be considered as a representative of high cost performance, do you think it is worth considering?Welcome to leave a message.