Tired of “You fight to Win”?This 2.0 version will keep you motivated again!

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There is no unified “Min language” in Fujian, and every village proudly sticks to its own language ecosystem. However, there is a song in Hokkien that everyone defaults to as a common spiritual creed and becomes fujian’s tag in the eyes of the whole nation.Yes, “You fight to Win.”From the beginning, if we don’t fight, we die.Without hard work, we could not escape from the smoke everywhere in the late Han Dynasty and find a secure foothold across the mountains of Wuyi.Without it, we could not take root in this “mountain country”, drive away wild animals, cut down wood and build houses, and feed our growing families on the thin level land.Do not spell, we can not be born to the sea, through the treacherous wind and waves, break into a Marine business world;Don’t fight, we can’t stand in a foreign land, embrace the faith of giving back to Catalpa, don’t forget to support the country after standing;How did Fujian, which ranked 23rd in GDP in 1978 (excluding Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan), turn the tide and achieve the outstanding achievement of eighth in GDP and fourth in per capita GDP?However, the “new” of the song “New Love spelling will win” in “2022 Fujian Spring Festival Joy Night” is a major highlight of the “spelling” has a new interpretation.Before, “three days doomed, seven points by struggle”, success or failure, is subject to objective conditions, the decisive factor is how much they pay.Now, the past achievements become the starting point of the present.If you want to reach a higher goal, you have to work harder. After all, there are too many precedents in history. It is only a matter of a moment to play a good hand badly.”The lyrics of New Love To Win are very good and keep pace with The Times.Only by working harder and harder can we rise in the forest of the world, no matter for Fujian or the whole Of China.””New love to fight to win,” said singer Sun Shi, one of the singers.At present, we are undergoing profound changes unseen in a century, and the epidemic has posed unprecedented challenges to the economic development of all countries.In the year that just ended, China’s economy showed a good momentum of recovery in general, got off to a good start during the 14th Five-Year Plan period, achieved comprehensive victory in the battle against poverty, and completed the building of a moderately prosperous society in all respects.However, the COVID-19 situation and the external environment are still complex and grim. In the face of new challenges, we must work hard to move god.Different from “love to fight to win”, “new love to fight to win” another “new”, lies in the “we” light out.”Love to fight to win” is a song for the individual “I” do cheer;Although “New Love Only Win” starts from “me”, it wants to reach “our dream”.Who is “we”?It is you, it is me, it is with the advance of the melody, a piece of foreign cloud under a blooming smiling face!Scroll left and right to see more overseas Chinese, an important member of the big family of the Chinese nation, the Spring Festival this important reunion festival, how to get them?Their participation enhances the sound wave, beating in our hearts: we are connected by blood, though thousands of miles apart, but can communicate with each other in a song, to achieve resonance.The more I sing, the better I feel.The song is more atmospheric, with more stylish melodies and richer lyrics.There is a feeling of being on the sunny road from the very beginning, and there is more charisma.””Said singer Liu Yuanyuan, another singer of” New Love To Win “.One of the singers, singer Sun Yingying, describes her singing experience as “selflessness”.”I shot a scene in front of Xiamen Gemenon.The platform is a little high, I stand on the platform, the audience is a thousand ares waves, at the beginning a little nervous.But when I saw the staff around me working so hard, I was not afraid — I was accompanied by a group of people who love to fight and dare to win.”Sun Yingying said.In addition to Xiamen Twins, Liu Yuanyuan, Sun Yingying, Zhang Wenci (Hong Kong, China), Sun Li, Bao Xiaobao (Taiwan, China), Liu Naiqi (Macao, China) and other lead singers, but also in Fuzhou Minyue Water Town, Victoria Harbor, Hong Kong, Macao Grand Three Bus, Taipei 101 and other landmark attractions singing.In front of the ancient minyue Water town tower in the middle of the water, also invited the Strait Symphony Orchestra live performance, with the bright lights of minyue water town, the imposing mood is more magnificent.Not only Sun Yingying, this live shooting gave all the singers unforgettable experience, “selfless” became their common feeling.In 2021, at the meeting marking the 110th anniversary of the victory of the 1911 Revolution, General Secretary Xi Jinping called on “all sons and daughters of the Chinese nation at home and abroad to unite more closely, carry forward the great spirit of Sun Yat-sen and other pioneers of the 1911 Revolution, and join hands to forge ahead toward the goal of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation!””Our dream” is the dream of all Chinese people at home and abroad, and the dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.Let us use very struggle, win “our dream”!Fujian is blessed!Year of the tiger, happy!Source: Southeast TV