E-power is a new way to commute in the city

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In the era of intelligence and electrification, Nissan also sticks to technology first. Five technology brands continue to be launched, from one-button assisted ProPILOT super smart drive, Nissan Connect Super smart, efficient and high-performance VC-Turbo superengine to Zero Emission technology.What is exciting is that one of nissan’s five core technologies: e-Power, an unprecedented integrated POWER technology, has finally landed in China.Compared with pure electric technology, E-power technology can be said to be the optimal solution of various energy drive forms at present. On the one hand, it has the high efficiency and strong POWER experience brought by electric drive; on the other hand, the electric drive technology based on fuel engine takes into account the advantages of endurance and fast energy supplement, and the combination of the two achieves low energy consumption and high performance.E-power China’s first model has a fuel consumption of 3.9L/100km in urban working conditions. It has good performance and low fuel consumption, which is related to the actual operation mode of E-Power. Then how does E-Power operate efficiently?E-power can automatically adjust the working mode according to different car scenarios, making the operation more efficient.In the start and slow acceleration stage, the battery is directly powered by flash, at this time the internal combustion engine does not work, and the pure battery output.When cruising at medium and low speed, the system first allows the battery to supply power to the motor. When the battery power drops to the calibration value, the internal combustion engine will work and the high-efficiency power generation and power supply motor will drive. At the same time, the excess power will charge and store the battery.When cruising at high speed, the engine itself is in thermal efficiency, the internal combustion engine directly involved in the work, efficient power generation power supply motor drive, while the excess power to charge the battery storage.During rapid acceleration, the stored POWER of the E-Power battery is released and, together with the internal combustion engine, provides the electric motor with POWER, allowing the engine to run smoothly and efficiently all the time.In addition, when the throttle is loosened or the brake is decelerated, the battery of E-Power can recover the kinetic energy of the wheel through flash charging to achieve reverse charging and further reduce fuel consumption.Supported by the innovative drive form of oil POWER generation and electric drive plus efficient and energy-saving working mode, the energy operation efficiency brought by E-Power is far greater than the energy conversion loss of the system, and the ultra-low fuel consumption of 3.9L/100km in urban conditions also proves the amazing fuel economy of E-Power.So, energy doesn’t just happen, it doesn’t just disappear, it just gets converted more efficiently on E-Power.In terms of energy saving principle, it is the same as that of ordinary hybrid cars. The engine is always in efficient working condition, the motor completes the driving task, and the energy is efficiently utilized by kinetic energy recovery.The difference is that compared to common hybrid technologies, E-Power structure is simpler, the engine does not participate in the drive, theoretically more efficient.The first E-Power model in China has just been unveiled at home, but the Nissan Note E-Power, Serena E-Power and Kicks E-Power models have already sold half a million units overseas.The Nissan Note equipped with “e-Power” is the top seller in the market segment in Japan. From the market performance and test test, e-power is a very mature technology, which can not be separated from nissan’s 70 years of pure electric technology precipitation and nearly 90 years of fuel technology accumulation.E-power has assembled two legendary R&D teams, LEAF and GT-R, and rightly called e-Power “unprecedented integration POWER”.The first limited worry-free gift package: buy a car that enjoy 2000 yuan limited time to buy ten thousand yuan car worry-free gift package: (1) insurance :5000 yuan insurance vouchers;② Warranty + maintenance: 5-year double warranty Plus including 5-year or 150,000 km vehicle warranty *, 5-year 8 basic maintenance *, premium car service *5 years or 150,000 km shall prevail;The warranty conditions for batteries, motors and inverters are 8 years or 120,000 kilometers, 8 years or 120,000 kilometers whichever comes first.* 8 basic maintenance in 5 years without first and second warranty.Starting limited suit: purchase e – the POWER to send the starting limit set, include: high-energy photoelectric grille decorations | high energy photovoltaic panels;High-energy | start flying wing lamp high-energy logo;* Ultra Smart Drive Max and Ultra Luxury Ultra class do not include the optical-signage debut limited car color: the new Sunrise Obsidian Black dual color China debut, optional under order *, * Sunrise Obsidian black dual color additional fee, consult local franchise stores for details.Financial plan: Auto loan users can enjoy 0 down payment from * and up to 2 years interest-free quota of 80,000 **0 down payment products are provided by Dongfeng Nissan Finance Leasing Co., LTD.0 down payment refers to the car value zero down payment, excluding rental purchase tax insurance and other add-ons.;* The maximum 2-year interest-free quota of 80,000 is only limited to Dongfeng Nissan (including Dongfeng Qichen) owners, other owners can enjoy up to 60,000.Replacement scheme: Dongfeng Nissan/Kai Chen owners replacement E-power enjoy 5000 yuan subsidy;Other car owners 2000 yuan subsidy;