An old man saved a young man who was wounded when he was cutting wood. Young man: Actually, I am a hedgehog

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Welcome to kongtong scholars telling stories series, kongtong scholars to pay New Year’s greetings, I wish you a happy year of the Tiger!During the Wanli period of the Ming Dynasty, there lived an old man named Shen in Hejian Prefecture. Shen lived alone all his life, making a living by farming and picking herbs up the mountain. He lived in a straw house at the foot of the mountain every day.Shen is kind, less than forced, will not hurt the small animals in the mountain, often up the mountain to collect medicine, encountered injured small animals will help them break away from the hunter’s animal clip, or to help daub herbal dressing wound.So shen’s home, although only he is a person, is also very busy, from time to time there will be a lot of small animals running and jumping in Shen’s home.These small animals were not afraid of man and lived in peace with Shen.Day, shen herb gathering up to the mountain, the old man through the ridge saw a young man lay on the grass, when the body has a lot of don’t know is what animal bite wounds, out of breath, shen rushed up and the old man, awaken the youth, youth injury is too heavy, however, is not very clear, even shen had to back up the young, the old man returned to his hut.Under the care of shen, the young man slowly improved his health and became friends with Shen.The young man told Shen that he was not a human being, but a hedgehog in the mountains. Only after years of cultivation could he become a man. In the mountains, he often saw Shen curing the animals in the mountains, so he told Shen nothing and honestly.Shen knew in his heart that such a graceful young man could not be human in such a remote mountain and forest, but he was not surprised after seeing so many people for so many years.Both of them opened their hearts without scruples. The old man asked the young man why he was hurt, and the young man told the old man what had happened to him.For cultivation, it turns out that this young hedgehogs hundreds of years, in the mountains of China are all call him ah, the thorn in the mountains there is a good friend is a big badger, also practice with the hedgehog, stab him o o huan, two people sharing together, the hundreds of years the danger, witnessed the growth of each other, witnessed the unreal to one another, was like peas and carrots.All say this man warm lust, they, too, this clever o years huan and stab at higher and higher, what all don’t lack, idle, huan has flower heart, a former under a mountain mushroom little girl be huan met, a look at this, o huan heart was taken away by the girl, go back to the cave Is the tea rice don’t think.They are human beings, but we are monsters. We can’t be together. Together, human beings will lose their spirit and die slowly.But a Huan as a magic general, when not often will secretly down the mountain to see the girl.The girl name is bao yun, a farmer’s daughter, long very is bright, is a famous beauty, eight miles village huan to close to treasure yun, o this is unreal, pretending to be ill in bao yun home, bao yun to see a strong man at home, parents took into the house to look after, huan well after, with gratitude, not to treasure to yun’s home to send some venison,Went to catch up with the farm work is not hesitate to strength, intervene on the dry, is very treasure Juan parents favor.One way or another, a huan became a treasure yun acquaintances, treasure yun also not very taboo and a huan meet, this a Huan as long as see treasure yun can not move the pace, anxious to immediately put treasure yun in his arms, due to the presence of treasure yun parents, can only endure.This day, a Huan came to treasure yun home, happened to treasure yun parents to the field has not come back, treasure yun feel a Huan and his brother, warmly received a Huan, pour tea to a Huan, A Huan can no longer bear, a pull treasure yun’s hand, treasure yun scared hand shake, teacup fell on the ground.A huan took bao Juan’s hand to say: little darling, you can want to die me, daily or not to see you one side, I this heart have no decline of.Said to be thin bao Juan.Treasure yun surprised repeatedly call, just treasure yun parents come back from the ground, see this scene, treasure yun dad gas fire three zhangs: good you a huan, I until you come to my house every day is to repay kindness, but do not think you miss is my daughter, men and women are not close, you treat treasure yun, also let her have what face to see people?A huan see things exposed, have exposed the fierce, evil to treasure Juan father said: you this bad old man, I in your home under such a big kung fu, the purpose is to get treasure Juan, you also don’t want to think, with you save me that thing, can be worth me so bother to do hard work to your home.Bao Juan parents more anxious, put a huan out.A huan back to the cave, the atmosphere is unbearable, not to get the treasure yun hand, the heart itch is not good, A thorn advised a Huan, different way, you can not be obsessed with not to change, contrary to the way of Heaven, to your own practice is greatly ineffective.But at this time ah Huan has lust, which also tube these, the more want to treasure yun father drove him out of the house more angry, while the night black, and came to treasure yun home, treasure yun door kicked a hole, scared treasure yun parents not light.A huan said to bao Juan’s parents: I will marry your daughter to wife, three days later, I will get married, you promise also have to promise, do not promise also have to promise, if play any tricks, be careful I want your whole family’s head.Then he spit out a fire from his mouth and set fire to baojuan’s house.Bao Juan parents saw this a huan this appearance, early scared at a loss.Ah Huan see Bao Juan parents dare not disobey, turned back to the mountains, all this was seen in the eyes of a thorn.After a huan left, Bao Juan family hugged and cried, Bao Juan said: I will not marry this monster is dead.Bao Juan’s father said: daughter, the father also does not want you to marry him, but he has the way, we can not fight him.Then the whole family cried again.At this time, a thorn walked into the courtyard of bao Juan’s house, and said to bao Juan’s parents: two old people, you don’t cry, I have a plan, you need to do so, to catch that a huan.So he thought of the ruse told bao Juan parents.Bao Juan and her parents a listen, nod to say is, must do.Three days later, Bao Juan home decorated, red happy word affixed to the door head, Bao Juan also wearing happy clothes, sitting in the house.Wait until the second watch day, that a Huan really walked out of the mountains, he also found a piece of red silk son cross red, also really like a groom.Came to treasure yun home, see treasure yun family meek do, ah Huan is very happy, came to the hall, see treasure yun shyly sitting there, more joy unbearable, a pulled down treasure yun red cover, will pull treasure yun to bed.Bao Juan at this time early blushed, said to ah Huan: AH Huan, since we get married today, will finish the ceremony, I am your wife sooner or later, why do you worry.A huan thought is also, also not monkey nasty, pull treasure Juan sat down at the table, treasure Juan holding wine pot, pour wine to a Huan said: today married, we are husband and wife, you drink this cup first, drink is my xianggong.A huan a listen to treasure Juan call xianggong, more joy of the up, a drink in a cup of wine say: come, come, come, again call xianggong I listen to.Treasure Juan pour wine to say again, you drink a cup I call 1.Ah Huan lian way: good, I drink.In this way, after a while, a pot of wine under the belly, at this time, A Huan only feel dizzy, feet did not follow.Xintao: Is today too happy, wine is not intoxicating people drunk.I can’t hold my liquor that low.Treasure Juan a ripe opportunity to see, busy blunt outside shout: quick people ah, catch him!When A Huan heard this, he knew there was a cheat and quickly ran to the door. But at this time, he was top-heavy and lost the battle. Just when he reached the door, a big net was buckled down again, making A Huan unable to escape.Originally all this is a thorn to bao Yun parents’ strategy, just want to use the wedding night drunk AH Huan, ah Huan caught, let him not dare to harm the family in the village.A huan although caught, but the hundreds of road is not white practice, three or two broke away from the people’s encircling, fled to the mountains, A huan more run more suffocated, thinking of this must be someone bad, otherwise with bao Yun home honest appearance can not think of this idea.Investigation know a thorn out of the idea, this a huan acute eye.Shen found a thorn injured that day, is a huan found a thorn, and a thorn had a big fight, but a thorn strength is small, but a huan, if not shen accidentally found, a thorn had been killed by a Huan.After telling the story, Prick shed tears to himself and said, “We have been practicing together. Now he accidentally becomes a demon and wants to harm the village. I don’t want him to get hurt, but I can’t see him do harm either.Shen said: Thorn, you did the right thing, he will be punished by god if he goes on like this, you can feel at ease in my recuperation, if he comes to you, I will help you find a way.Words a few days, this ah Huan know thorn in Shen old man place recuperation, also really find the door.A sinister look, is very frightening, agitator quickly put Shen protect behind, AGhuan more angry, screaming to agitator, agitator injury has not been good, not a few rounds of the wind.Shen saw this, hurriedly took the bow and arrow from the wall, zhang Bow took the arrow to a Huan’s eyes, Shen knew that the appearance of these people is difficult to be pierced by general weapons, only this eye is the weakest place.An arrow shot, just shot to a Huan eyes, pain he is straight rolling, this rolling, let Shen found a red mole in the chest, this is a huan’s life, as long as the life, a Huan will show his true form.At the right time, Shen shot an arrow, just shot to a Huan’s face, only to hear a roar, A Huan revealed his true form, fell to the ground.A thorn bitter buried a huan, after all, a brother, is very reluctant to give up, but also woke up a thorn, is to be a monster, also want to keep duty, can’t do bad things.Shen saved the thorn twice name, thorn more grateful, since then, thorn often come to help Shen Shen, until the death of shen, thorn did not return to the mountains.I am your old friend Kongtong scholar, this story is over, welcome to pay attention to, home page has more wonderful articles, wish you a happy year of the Tiger!