Barca vs Napoli Against the strength of napoli, Barca can be said to be unlucky

2022-06-28 0 By

Beijing time 2-18 01:48Nou camp stadium barca vs Naples said today to give you a higher awareness of competition, by Barcelona at camp nou home match against napoli, Barcelona how also won’t think of one day will be reduced to play Europa games, the champions league group stage with bayern points in the same group with benfica, unfortunately, the third in the group, only to play Europa.Napoli are second in their Europa League group, so this is as strong a game as any in the Champions League, and it’s a close call for both teams.Barcelona this season’s journey is striking, since lost key players messi, as the tradition of la liga giants team, only in the champions league rankings in third position, had to drop out Europa league cup play-offs, but premier league side, once fell into the middle position, the distance from the top to the location of the real Madrid also had 15 points,The overall strength is like a Waterloo.Big-budget acquisitions in previous years have also failed to deliver and there have been problems at the back, scoring two goals in four out of five games.New coach Xavi after the appointment, the reuse of youth players, readjusted the main personnel.He has improved in the league, most notably by beating Atletico Madrid, and has recently added striker Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang to his squad.Napoli, on the other hand, are unbeaten in the last 6 matches and have won 4 matches, ranking third in the league, only two points away from the champions, and still have the possibility of attacking the championship.The team deserves praise on both sides of the attack and defense, in the last 6 games 4 games scored more than 2 goals, 3 goals and zero shutouts, the state of momentum, full strength.Currently second in their Europa League group, they are also battling Barcelona for a place in the knockout stages.Looking at past matches, Barca has the advantage, but now the state is not the past, according to the report barca this game many can not play, will be a negative factor, the injury of the back line will affect more or less.And for the strength of Naples, Barca this battle may be said to be ominous.Round son good guest Naples can get good results.