Big infrastructure xiongqi, related concept shares

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After the opening market performance is strong, from the current point of view, the motherboard performance is significantly stronger than gem.In order to expand effective investment, stabilize the macroeconomic market, and lay a solid foundation for ensuring the stability of the six major projects in 2022, local governments are issuing lists of major projects in 2022.Eight provinces and municipalities released investment lists for major projects in 2022 with a total investment of at least 15.6 trillion yuan.Big infrastructure strong performance, the biggest early market winner.300732 institute of engineering consulting services;Cement building materials: 603616 Hanjian Heshan.Oil and gas service: 300084 Heimer Technology.(This advice is only for investment reference, the operation risk is borne by oneself accordingly.Customer: Wang Zhihui, Certificate No. : A0690612110001)