Black technology!The sensing network is constructed in the first and five pines, and the safe social distance can be calculated

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In the two competition venues in Haidian District (Capital Stadium and Wukesong Stadium), a perception network has been built to calculate safe social distance in real time to help epidemic prevention and control.This is the reporter from February 9 in the morning held the winter Olympic stadium service guarantee press conference was informed.Lin Hang, deputy head of Haidian District, introduced that Haidian District attaches great importance to the boosting effect of science and technology on the service of the games, and uses science and technology to empower the Winter Olympics, and uses a variety of cutting-edge technologies and scientific products to support the operation of the games and ensure that the work is refined, efficient and convenient.Based on the spatial computing operating system, The Haidian District has built a perception network in the two competition venues in Haidian to calculate and analyze the safe social distancing of staff in real time to facilitate intelligent epidemic prevention and control.A multi-sign sensing device will be provided to detect subtle temperature changes of the wearer with a high-precision temperature measuring chip, and feature extraction of continuous sign signals will be performed to predict whether there is an epidemic risk.Deploy the large flux temperature measurement system, realize the function of rapid non-inductive temperature measurement and health verification, and build the defense line of scientific and technological anti-epidemic with AI technology.For potential places with epidemic transmission risk, aerosol Novel Coronavirus detection technology in public space can be applied to quickly realize highly sensitive detection of Novel Coronavirus and verify environmental safety.In the field of intelligent services, based on artificial intelligence algorithm, mining AR navigation applications, through visual positioning technology to create audience intelligent guidance services.With the help of space technology, the spectators attending the torch relay ceremony in the Summer Palace will receive the winter Olympics blessing messages sent by low-orbit communication satellites from an altitude of 600 kilometers.At the same time, The whole chain technology system of 8K ultra HD video collection, production and storage, signal transmission and ground distribution has been established in Haidian District. 8K large outdoor screens of 322 square meters have been set up in contemporary mall and 8K TVS have been set up in 10 communities to help share the wonderful moments of the Winter Olympics.There are many scientific and technological forces like this, including multi-experience digital sentry, LED large-screen solutions, etc.(Original title: Black technology!In the suitcase, wukesong, build a network can be calculated safe social distance) source: Beijing daily client | journalists Zhu Songmei process editor: u010