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Cold eat consume son fish raw materials: small consume son fish 400 grams of dried chili pepper section 20 grams of Chinese prickly ash 10 grams of star anise 10 grams of shannai 5 grams of cooked sesame, ginger, onion section, green onion leaf silk, salt, cooking wine, MONOsodium glutamate, sugar, pepper powder, thirteen spice powder, sugar color, fresh soup, Chinese prickly ash oil, sesame oil, rapeseed oil each appropriate production: 1.Clean the fish, marinated with ginger, onion, salt, cooking wine and pepper, and then fried in 70% hot oil until golden and crisp, remove and drain the oil.2. The purpose of the oil pan and into dry LaJiaoJie, pepper, ginger, Onions, star anise, kaempferia galanga spicy sweet taste, fresh soup boil off mixed right amount, and then down to the consumption of Fried fish, and transferred to salt, cooking wine, monosodium glutamate, white sugar, pepper, 13 powder, camel, closed to the soup with small and medium-sized fire will dry and saturated, pour into the Chinese prickly ash oil and sesame oil, boiler plate, sprinkle with ripe sesame seed and leaf of silk,Just a touch of embellishment.Glutinous rice cake beef production: 1. Cut beef slices, add salt, wet starch, oyster sauce, water and so on mix well, pickled for a while.Another zi ba cut into pieces, 50 into the hot frying pan until golden and crisp, pour out to drain oil.Put salad oil in the wok and heat up to 50%. After the beef slices are cooked, pour them out and drain the oil.2. Heat up the wok with a little bean oil, stir fry the spicy sauce until fragrant, then add the green pepper and dried chili pepper, stir fry the sliced beef and the fried glutinous rice cake, add the chicken essence, MONOsodium glutamate, sugar and vinegar, stir fry them well, and finally put the thickener out of the wok and plate with a little embellish.Raw material: rose, yellow chrysanthemum, carnation, onion seasoning: salt, sugar, pepper, white vinegar, Extra Virgin olive oil (Extra Virgin) production: 1, all kinds of flowers clean.Shred the onion. Put the ingredients together, add salt, pepper, sugar, white vinegar and extra virgin olive oil and mix them well.Seasoning: 100g salt, 80g essence, 300g flower carving wine, 200g fish sauce, 200g scallions, 180g ginger, 190g garlic seeds, 300g dried shallots, 400g medicine, 75g smoked ingredients, 15kg soup.Ingredient ratio: 6 grass fruit, bay leaf, cardamom, star anise, cumin, angelica dahurica, Prickly ash, cinnamon, tangerine peel 50 grams each.Fumigating material ratio: Longjing tea, millet, sugar 20 grams each, bay leaf 10 grams, pine branch 5 grams.Production: 1, the medicine material, and scallions, ginger, garlic, shallots to fly after water, add on soup until fragrant, add salt, MSG, carved wine, fish sauce made from brine, chop chop bone after wash into 8 cm square block, blanch release small fire brine halogen after 20 minutes, remove and put the material into the bottom of the wok, small heat.2, put the spine on the drawer, smoke the pot for 10 minutes, put the lettuce leaves on the bottom of the plate, change the knife evenly placed on the ribs.Soup: 5 kg of elbow bone, 5 old hens, 2 local ducks, 5 dry grams of lean pork, 2500 grams of pig skin cut into chunks and blanched out, add 40 kg of water to boil, keep boiling for 2 hours, drain the soup and serve the soup.Raw material: fresh shrimp, tomato, Brazilian wood leaves, red fish seed dressing: salad sauce, white sugar, white vinegar, fruit residuum oil, Extra Virgin olive oil (Extra Virgin)Fry shrimps with flour and deep fry them in fruit residuum oil until charred on the outside and tender on the inside.The tomato slices are placed on the bottom of the plate. Mix the salad dressing, sugar, white vinegar and extra virgin olive oil. Mix the fried shrimp together.Scalding abalone in water and pulling it out: WHEN SCALding abalone, I use boiling water and take it out as soon as it enters the water.If you use water of 80 or 90 degrees, it will take a long time, and if you don’t master it well, it will be easy to overheat it, which will cause the taste of abalone to become hard and hard to bite. It is better to use boiling water directly to make it easy to grasp, and it doesn’t matter if it is a little too hot, it will continue to heat after serving.Ingredients: 6 live abalone, 300g salt, 100g homemade seafood juice, 15g chicken juice, 10g chicken powder, green pepper, red pepper and 5g each.Make: 1. Change abalone into a cross knife, put 500g of water into the pot and bring to a boil, add chicken juice and chicken powder taste, put abalone into the pot and blanch immediately remove.2. Mix salt with 50 grams of water, then color it red with food coloring, roll it tightly into a cylindrical shape, bake it in the oven for 5 minutes, peel off the tin foil, put the salt column in a small bowl, put the shell of the abalone wrapped in the tin foil, and put the abalone.3. Pour the cooked seafood sauce over the abalone and sprinkle with green and red pepper.Place a little liquid alcohol under the abalone shell and next to the pillar of salt and set it on fire.Homemade seafood juice: put 1000 grams of water into the pot to boil, add celery section, chopped onion 500 grams each, 250 grams of pepper, 200 grams of tomato pieces, add 600 grams of rock sugar, light soy sauce 750 grams, dark soy sauce 100 grams, Maggi fresh 50 grams, lu wei fresh soy sauce 50 grams, steamed fish soy sauce 700 grams together with a small fire boil for 2 hours, filtering to get seafood juice.Harvest a pot of fresh raw materials: Changdang Lake hairy crabs 2, Changdang Lake eel 2, lake shrimp 150 grams, Changdang Lake mountain dew fish 2 (about 500 grams), ginger, scallion, salt, chicken powder, pepper powder, cornstarch, stock, soybean oil appropriate production: 1.Clean the hairy crab, cut it in half from the middle, pat with cornflour, then fry it in oil to set, remove it for later use.Clean eel, cut into segments, scald and rinse.Cut off claws and whiskers from lake prawns and fry them in oil to set.Surf fish clean, also into the frying pan shape.All set aside.Heat up the wok with soybean oil, stir fry shallots and ginger, add stock, salt, chicken powder and pepper to adjust the flavor, then add hairy crab, eel segments, lake shrimp and mountain water fish, cook for 5 minutes, then put the wok into a casserole pot (put the raw materials together respectively), and bring to a boil on low fire.Salted meat pot hairy crab raw materials: 3 hairy crabs, Jintan farmers bacon 500 grams, ginger, scallion, pepper, cornstarch, chicken essence, stock, soybean oil appropriate production: 1.Clean the hairy crab, cut it in half from the middle, pat the cornflour, fry it in the oil and set it, remove it for later use.Slice the bacon and soak it half an hour in advance.2. Heat up the pot with soybean oil, add shallots and ginger and saute them until fragrant, add stock, add salted meat and crab slices, season and cook for 5 minutes, then put them into the casserole pot, set them in shape, and boil them on a low fire until hot.