Pre-orders exceeded 20,000, and the price of the Yuan PLUS started at 131,800 yuan

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February 19, BYD E platform 3.0 first a-class tide running SUV — Yuan PLUS officially launched, A total of 5 new models, the official guide price of 131,800 yuan — 159,800 yuan, and launched five junior college to enjoy the courtesy.Yuanplus integrates six core advantages of tide running appearance, rhythmic interior, thunder power, tide playing space, professional platform, blade and safety.With colorful, fun, innovation, passion, self-discipline and the ultimate spiritual core, we help UP youth, Yuanqi girls and dynamic families to open a new life of Yuanqi.Since the pre-sale in The New Year’s Day of 2022, the domestic order volume of Yuanplus has exceeded 20,000 sets, and the model will explode immediately after the launch.At the same time, as BYD’s first global passenger car “strategic going to sea”, Yuanplus has been pre-sold in the Australian market at the same time, named ATTO 3, bringing new smart travel experience to global consumers.Professional platform Innately Zuoyueyuan PLUS perfectly inherits the core advantages of E platform 3.0. Since its birth, aesthetics, intelligence, efficiency and safety have been written into the gene.The yuan PLUS is equipped with an 8-in-1 electric powertrain. The comprehensive efficiency of the system is up to 89%, and the volume and weight of the same power are reduced by 20% and 15%. The power density and efficiency are at the top level in the world.Yuan PLUS has a high efficiency heat pump system with wide temperature range, capable of working in a wide temperature range of -30~60℃ without fear of extreme temperature;The new car also breaks the traditional distributed system architecture, using the body electronic control domain technology, so that the electronic and electrical system to achieve a highly integrated, lightweight, efficient step.In addition, e-platform’s unique power transmission structure booster PLUS has the ability of super five star safety!The appearance of the tide race is superior and the level of appearance is justice. Yuan PLUS uses Dragon Face 3.0 family design language, new Dragon beard, Yuan Force Awakening luminous logo, wind wing sports wheel hub and other details design, delicate work, fashion modeling.Flying dragon waist line and highlight the sport and volume of the sliding back low lying style, showing a new generation of dragon beauty aesthetics.Yuan PLUS appearance color inspiration comes from sports, surfing blue, skiing white, rock climbing gray, adventure green, parkour red five colors, representing the awakening spirit of Yuan PLUS.At the press conference, Olympic champion He Chong said that the super strength and sense of movement of the Yuan PLUS resonated with his body’s muscle memory and exercise energy.The sports temperament contained in Yuanplus also fits the aesthetic of young people.Compared with the appearance of tide running, yuan PLUS interior has its own sports field, led by Michael Paganetti, global interior design director of BYD. Inspired by the gym with explosive hormones, it is the world’s first intelligent cabin built with the concept of exercise and fitness, designed for young users.The interior of YUAN PLUS is matched by speed blue and power gray. The central console is loaded with a powerful dragon beard, and the muscle streamline runs through the door panel and instrument panel.All-in-one sports seats take into account safety, comfort and dynamic;The exquisite design of details, such as dumbbell air conditioning air outlet, treadmill central armrest, and piano string door panel decoration, highlights the new movement trend of YUANplus one by one.The dynamic performance of Thunder Power is the killer of YUANplus, and also the hard power to meet the needs of young people to seamlessly switch between various living conditions.Yuan PLUS has 150kW peak power, 310N·m peak torque powertrain, up to 204 horsepower, 100km acceleration only 7.3 seconds, 100km energy consumption only 12.1kWh, galloping all the way, without fear of challenge!The Yuan PLUS is equipped with byd’s new generation multi-link independent rear suspension, which was carefully tuned by Hans Kirk, the former Mercedes-benz S-class chassis tuning expert. It took 5 years of research and development, and has excellent sports performance and significant roll control.The new Bosch IPB integrated braking control system, combined with CST comfortable braking function, yuan PLUS has both movement and comfortable driving experience.In the eyes of Gen Z, a car is not only a means of transportation, but also a big trendy toy.And yuan PLUS, with its trendy play space, is definitely the choice of young users.The Yuan PLUS has A class-leading 2720mm ultra-long wheelbase, and the rear seats can be flat at 4/6 scale, allowing you to enjoy A large space.Among the many black technology configurations, APA automatic parking, 360° panoramic transparent video system, full scene digital keys and other convenient functions make the yuan PLUS cabin full of technology and futuristic feeling.At the same time, the 15.6-inch adaptive rotary suspension Pad, combined with DiLink 4.0(4G) intelligent network connection system, provides users with truly intelligent interactive experience, fully demonstrates the technological power of suVs and sets a new benchmark for smart travel.Blade · Security strength Escort enjoy intelligent technology, driving control security can not be underestimated.Yuan PLUS uses super safety blade battery, can withstand the test of acupuncture, can cycle charge and discharge more than 3000 times, completely eliminate the problem of battery deignition, perfect solution to the battery energy density and safety mutual constraints of the industry problem.In terms of active safety, The Yuan PLUS uses the fourth-generation monocular camera for target detection, coupled with the whole vehicle radar, bringing the rich DiPilot intelligent driver assistance system,The integrated ACC-S&G start-stop full-speed adaptive cruise system, AEB automatic emergency braking system, ICC intelligent navigation system, TSR intelligent traffic sign recognition system, LDWS lane departure warning system, BSD blind spot monitoring system and other auxiliary functions can save the danger at the critical moment, bringing drivers and passengers a carefree car experience.In terms of passive safety, the proportion of thermoforming steel in Yuanplus reaches 11%, and the tensile strength of steel reaches up to 1500Mpa.The proportion of high strength steel and above steel is 85%, and the proportion of ultra-high strength steel is 55%, which is equivalent to putting on a piece of “armor” for users. Every trip has a super five-star security escort.Professional platform, fashion running appearance, rhythmic interior, thunder power, fashion playing space, blade · safety, six core advantages achieve the core strength of Yuanplus “hexagon warrior”.Pre-sale orders broke 20,000 units, the launch of hot sales also confirmed the common choice of consumers.Yuan PLUS is expected to lead the a-level pure electricity market and bring more young users A colorful, happy, innovative, passionate, self-discipline and extreme new life.