“Disease” has me | “cattle owners” and his six people disease resistant unit

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“Intercom, be on duty telephone put my rest room, have what problem I concern at any time, your female comrade must rest well.”Said this is zouping City Weiqiao town hospital dispatched to the shelter isolation point of the head of medical care Niu Kexun.From March 16, Niu Kexun, deputy director of weiqiao Town Health hospital, led the medical team to stick to the centralized quarantine medical observation point.Niu Kexun is known as the “boss of oxen” by his colleagues. He leads his teammates to guard the life safety and health of the masses with his responsibility and professional control.On the evening of March 16, Niu Kexun, vice president of weiqiao Town health center, led five female comrades to work in centralized isolation medical observation point.After 12 days of fighting, On March 29, Niu Kexun led the medical staff to a centralized isolation medical observation point in the camp.On the first day, they worked for 16 hours in the rain, assigning rooms to quarantined people, collecting nucleic acid, and registering information.Wang Shuyun is the big sister of the other 4 medical workers. She carefully records the needs of medical workers’ protective materials and living materials, accurately controls the distribution of protective materials, and ensures the safety of medical workers while carrying out the work efficiently.At present, in order to avoid cross infection, the prevention and control of hospital infection is the top priority of work.As a supervisor nurse with 8 years’ experience in ICU, Li Xueying took the initiative to take charge of the prevention and control of hospital infection.Li Xueying often says, we are not afraid of danger, but we should not leave the danger to others, and we should not be careless in the prevention and control of hospital infections.Each generation has its own mission.Cheng Kun, Li Chaochao and Zhao Ruiyan, three “post-90s” medical workers in the eyes of their parents, stuck to their jobs from the first day of their entry into the quarantine point.Faced with risks, they did not hesitate or shrink.Cheng Kun, the youngest, is 23 years old and just started work in February.As an information registrar, she recorded the physical condition and temperature of the quarantined people every day. After reporting all the data, she put on protective clothing and went into the contaminated area to collect nucleic acid and medical waste together with everyone else.Li Chaochao was always the most anonymous and careful assistant to nucleic acid sampler. Sampling, sealing and disinfection were repeated dozens of times a day. Every time after taking off the protective clothing, his ears would turn red.Zhao Ruiyan in the completion of daily work at the same time will be patient to observe the psychological changes in the isolation of personnel, emotional isolation of personnel encountered, she will use patient words to appease them.Entering the isolation room for environmental sampling In the centralized isolation site of closed management, their work tasks are cumbersome and sometimes they have to get up quickly in the middle of the night when they are instructed to do so.Under the double pressure of body and psychology, as the only male comrade of the team, Niu Kexun takes the initiative to bear responsibility and care about the life and psychological situation of the members, 5 members of the team also jokingly call him for the isolation point of the shelter of the “cattle in charge”.In the “reverse cold” of the epidemic, the six-member anti-epidemic team with responsibility, professional control, youth guard, together to achieve a simple and beautiful goal – the end of the epidemic, family reunion, life in good health.I am in the battle against the epidemic.This is binzhou fighting epidemic health force ② looked at and cried!Pay tribute to binzhou’s most lovely “angel white” ③ frontline log: don’t cry!When spring comes, we will go home!④ Binzhou post-90 nurse: When I come back from the epidemic, I will be your most beautiful bride ⑤ Turn into “Baymax” and go back to her family ⑥ Straight!The “heroes behind the scenes” of the PCR laboratory in Bincheng District write “the most beautiful guardian” with their actions!⑧ Race against the epidemic!Nucleic acid detection of all staff in a cold rain.They are the hard-core forces of Binzhou, who are the “most beautiful guardians” at the medical observation point of centralized isolation.The town of Wudi completed the ninth round of nucleic acid testing and their children gathered together to form the “best partners” in fighting COVID-19 around the clock.Praise binzhou People’s Hospital, a group of sudden March 14 brave gatekeepers of grassroots prevention and control. Binzhou village doctors are in action!15) If there is war, called will return!⑯ Persons, binzhou aid Hubei “veteran” this battle for hometown ⑯ Persons a “most beautiful family photo” behind the story……⑰ Persons Warm moments on the frontline of COVID-19 treatment in Binzhou…18) Facing the epidemic, binzhou health responsibility and responsibility!⑲ water isolation, “iron dozen” Zhang Qingqing ⑳ a pair of “after 90” Binzhou medical young couple’s anti-epidemic adhere to the ㉑ epidemic, Binzhou city to protect the blood dialysis patients “lifeline” ㉒ Wang Yongqing: in front of the epidemic, be a good supporter and guardian of the masses!㉓ the mission is shoulder, the warmth and responsibility in the hospital designated by Binzhou city ㉔ Family Planning Association of Boxing County: help the frontline of epidemic prevention and control, the feeling of warm family planning special family ㉕ Wei Xinchao: Adhere to the centralized isolation of medical observation point more than 700 days and nights of ㉖ “blood” responsibility!Binzhou city to ensure the timely supply of clinical blood during the epidemic ㉗ “Even if she was a COVID-19 patient, I would not hesitate to complete the operation!”㉘ flow a second faster, reduce the risk of a minute!With the virus “race” zou Ping disease control frontline scout ㉙ be a good pacesetter!Family planning association of Bincheng District City East street to build a solid “epidemic prevention wall” ㉚ this family of four hand in hand to fight against the epidemic, family is more comrade-in-arms ㉛ we face the future together, looking forward to the epidemic scattered flower ㉜ in this spring, send you and me a little red flower……㉝ Guo Shanwei: I will go where I am needed!㉞ Binzhou CDC Microbial Laboratory: there is no day and night, only speed and precision ㉟ Binzhou People’s Hospital: emergency treatment speed under the epidemic ㊱ they are the light that guards the lives of villagers ㊲ A thank you letter from the masses: “Your efforts, we see in the eyes pain in the heart…”Source: Health Zou Ping