Every day crazy drink beverage, the girl weight drops nausea vomiting, a check was poisoning!Important Note from Doctors

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Xiao LAN (pseudonym), 24, was suddenly sick and vomiting after drinking a drink. Her family thought there was something wrong with the drink and ate something bad for her stomach. But when they sent her to the hospital, they found that she had not been poisoned by the drink, but was suffering from diabetic ketoacidosis.Doctors warn that drinks should be moderate, especially for obese people, who should consume as little sugar as possible.Xiaolan has just graduated from university and is preparing to take the postgraduate entrance exam at the beginning of this year.Every day at home while reading and studying, from time to time to order some milk tea and other drinks, drink at least a big cup every day.More than a month later, she appeared to drink more and more thirsty, thirsty more and more want to drink the situation, sometimes at least a day to drink two large drinks, each time ordering the largest cup, but her weight has reduced from more than 70 kilograms to 60 kilograms.Her family rushed her to Qianpu Hospital in Xiamen on Monday after she became sick and vomiting while drinking a drink. She took some medicine for her stomach, thinking it was an upset stomach.Doctors ruled out gastrointestinal problems and found that her blood sugar was as high as 39, which was diagnosed as diabetic ketoacidosis, one of the most common acute complications of diabetes. After timely symptomatic treatment, her condition has improved.Diabetic ketoacidosis, a serious acute complication of diabetes, is a clinical syndrome characterized by hyperglycemia, hyperketoemia and metabolic acidosis caused by a severe lack of insulin in the body, said Huang Bingfeng, chief physician of internal medicine of Xiamen Qianpo Hospital.Xiaolan, who was obese, belonged to the high risk group of diabetes. Without knowing that she had diabetes, she drank a large number of sugary drinks at home every day, which eventually induced diabetic ketoacidosis.Huang Bingfeng reminds, a lot of drinks contain a lot of fructose, especially prone to diabetes obesity when drinking to moderate.