With the Beijing Winter Olympic Games in full swing, wuhan residents are concerned about the games and actively participate in ice and snow sports

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The 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games are in full swing, and the exciting and intense competitions are touching the hearts of wuhan residents.The 10th reporter came to wuhan International Sports and Cultural Exchange Center ice Sports Center, where the snow and ice teenagers and parents are also always concerned about the winter Olympic Games.At three o ‘clock in the afternoon, the ice Sports Center of Wuhan Sports Center is in full swing, dozens of children and parents are enjoying the fun of ice sports in the ice rink.Children chase each other on the ice rink, even if occasionally fell down, also feel very interesting.Talking about the winter Olympic Games these days, these parents and snow and ice teenagers are very excited.Zhang Zeyu says figure skating is what impressed him most.He thinks the performances of our national athletes are very eye-catching.Ms. Ma, the parent, said the sports she pays most attention to are our country’s strengths, such as short track speed skating.Her personal favorite is figure skating.This Winter Olympics, she felt our national ice sports progress is very fast, also for our country is very proud and proud.In this Winter Olympics, the emergence of gu Ailing, Su Yiming “after 00” the new generation of athletes, they struggle couragely, win glory for the country, wuhan ice and snow youth role models.Snow and ice teenager Xia Jingwen told reporters that he especially like Gu Ailing, think she is not only very beautiful, and the courage to break through their own.In the final run, Gu’s mother thought she should have been more safe.But she chose a particularly difficult jump and dared to break her own time.Xia jingwen said that she would like gu Ailing in the future, dare to innovate, with an optimistic attitude to face every game.Yan Caorui, a staff member of the Ice Sports Center of Wuhan Sports Center, said that with the opening of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, wuhan citizens are paying more attention to ice and snow sports, and their enthusiasm for ice and snow sports continues to rise.More and more children take the initiative to ice, and more parents try to train their children to learn professional ice sports.Yan Cao Rui told reporters: “before the parents to bring children may be more entertainment and experience, and now during the Olympic winter games, parents through the game, the understanding of the ice and snow sports will be more deepen, the children now is to learn more, understand the ice sports culture, the understanding of the ice movement deepens, want to feel the charm of ice, the charm of the games”.Reporter: Wang Jia, Deng Yinxue