25,000 jobs in 4,521 enterprises!The 2022 Spring Job Fair for College graduates in Chongqing has been launched

2022-06-30 0 By

In order to promote the employment and entrepreneurship of college graduates in Qingdao and help graduates seize the “golden period” of spring recruitment, Qingdao Human Resources and Social Security Bureau jointly organized a series of spring recruitment activities for college graduates in Qingdao in 2022.This activity integration platform of recruitment jobs in the city resources, multidimensional power supply and demand both sides accurate docking, covers the special comprehensive recruitment, state-owned enterprises recruitment, recruitment, HR clouds roundtable key industries such as special recruitment and post live events, at the same time to launch area (city) people club bureau chief endorsement recruitment day, through the introduction area (city) development environment, industry layout, position requirements and policy,Various recruitment activities are organized to help employers attract talents with high standards and precision.The first “Be in Qingdao · Win-win Future” job fair for College graduates in Qingdao is launched today. So far, 4,521 employers have announced to recruit 25,000 college graduates through zhaopin.com, recruiting 42,000 people.Employers in manufacturing, construction, finance, transportation, information technology services, real estate and other industries are offering monthly salaries of more than 5,000 yuan.Welcome employers and graduates to participate!How to participate: Scan the QR code of the activity poster to enter the homepage of “‘ In Qingdao · Win-win Future”, click “Cloud Recruitment” – select “Comprehensive Recruitment fair” – search “position”, participate in the recruitment activity and submit resumes.Activity poster: Resume template: source: Oceanview news client, Qingdao People’s Society official account