Zhihu answer adventure night, let us see the big stars besides the stars

2022-06-30 0 By

In the present society, everyone is very respected star era, no matter what industry these stars are engaged in, no matter whether these stars are with real talent, as long as they have flow, fame, will be respected by people, be loved.In fact, I would like to say that we should praise those real stars who have real talent and can make contributions to the development of society.The 2022 Zhihu Answer Adventure Night jointly held by Hunan TV, Mango TV and Zhihu APP at 9 PM on January 30, invited some special guests besides artists.Although they are not stars, their names have been highlighted in many mainstream reports in the past year, and their appearance will bring unique interactive links to this Zhihu evening party.These people are :(1) Lin jie, a spider taxonomist at the institute of zoology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, who discovered a new spider species and named it “jiang wen”.Last year, he published four new spider species online: Li Shizhen, Boncho Flying spider, Jiang Wen spider and Rochmeti spider.Among them, Li Shizhen is the first new species discovered by Chinese.You might say, did these people contribute anything significant?What’s so important about finding a new spider species?I mean, this is important.As we all know, the discovery of new species can increase species diversity, help to maintain the balance of nature, and help people understand the process of biological evolution.How meaningful it would be to discover a new species, and to record the discovery in scientific terms.Mr. Jiang Wen, who is invited to this party, is such an artist that I like very much.(2) Zhen Haoyuan, the author of “Rainstorm Self-help Manual”, answered by Zhihu.Although Zhen Haoyuan is not a survival expert, he sorted out a common sense of self-help for ordinary people to understand at the first time. He tried to help more ordinary people as an ordinary person, and put himself in the situation to imagine how to save himself if he encountered a rainstorm disaster.In 2008, she was buried in the ruins of wenchuan earthquake for 3 days. She was rescued but lost her right leg.In 2018, Niu participated in the first Wenchuan Half Marathon with prosthetic legs and was praised as “The most beautiful marathon girl in China”.She answered the interactive questions on Zhihu. She thanked everyone she met along the way for sticking with her when she was afraid and giving her love and strength. Now she also wants to pass this strength on to more people.Therefore, it has won the respect of everyone.They are not only the answers of Zhihu website, but also shine in real life. They try to answer every question in life with their own thinking and actions.I think these people are the real stars of today’s society, the people who really should let everyone learn.