Happy New Year!Colorful Spring Festival activities in East Lake District (IV)

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Happy New Year! District women’s federation childlike innocence to the party Take love home in response to the All-China Women’s Federation “take love home home – send method Let the children healthy growth “2022 winter vacation child care services, the eve of the Spring Festival, east lake district women’s federation, the chopping block pond street women’s federation in the new era party house lane community civilization practice station joint to carry out the” childlike innocence to the party Take love home “parent-child handmade activities.At the scene of the activity, the teacher began to tell the story of the Chinese New Year, so that the children understand the folk customs of the Spring Festival, feel the charm of traditional culture.Then, under the guidance of the teacher, the children learned how to make tree ring wood chip paintings. They actively used the prepared materials to draw their own miniature world on the small wooden stakes.This activity not only made parents and children feel the festive atmosphere of the New Year, but also exercised their hands-on ability and developed their creativity. At the same time, it deepened the interaction between parents and children and created a good festive atmosphere.Spring Festival is coming, recently, yongning community Party committee and nanchang University student volunteers in the new era of civilization practice station to carry out our festival, Spring Festival – “cut flowers in the paper” to welcome the Spring Festival traditional folk activities.The volunteers gave a detailed demonstration to the residents and explained what to pay attention to in the paper-cutting process.We listen attentively, seriously cut, encounter not the problem of mutual exchange, discussion, very input.Small paper cutting, cut out the community family warm friendship, cut out their understanding of life and love.In a short time, several pieces of work was completed, a cut window is lively, festive and vivid.A piece of paper-cut works, a happy smiling face, constitute the most beautiful scenery.Everyone said that this activity is very meaningful, not only to learn the relevant content of paper cutting, but also for the upcoming New Year to add a thoughtful gift.Camp lane community prosperity on thousands of joy New hundred hing Spring Festival approaching, in order to further enrich the community residents’ spiritual and cultural life, create a thick festal atmosphere, recently, the new era civilization camp on lane community practice station staff planning held by heart to our festival, the Spring Festival “prosperous time thousands of joy New Year hundreds of xing “as the theme of Spring Festival couplets, literature and art joint performance activities.Activities at the scene of noisy and crowded, through dance, poetry recitation, instrumental music playing, singing, and other forms of rich, attract residents to actively participate in masses, active interaction, the atmosphere is warm, the calligrapher’s line after line of beautiful and vigorous, shining the ink spilled statements, full of happiness and hope, good moral inspirational ambitions,To the delight of the inhabitants who received it.They sang, danced and played to express their wishes for the New Year and their love for the Party and the motherland.This activity showed the artistic style of the community people, narrowed the distance between the neighbors, so that the community people in the joy of sharing the old year to usher in the New Year felt the thick “Taste of the New Year”.By carrying out the activities of writing Spring Festival couplets to add warmth and sending blessings in the Spring Festival, it not only promotes the culture of the Chinese nation, but also adds a festive atmosphere.Edit | | Chen Jiayao audit issued by zhang da Zhou Wei | MinSiLong small make up very hard!Disclaimer: This article is reproduced for the purpose of conveying more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: newmedia@xxcb.cn