Shanxi 3 emergency search!Contact track announced, involving high-speed rail stations, taxis, supermarkets, etc

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On January 29, 2022, the epidemiological investigation of close contacts of confirmed cases in Beijing by the District CDC showed that the person had taken a taxi after returning to Beijing:1. I got off at yangquan North Railway Station at 13:35 on January 27, and took a taxi back to Qiaoxing Community after getting out of the station. After scanning the TWO-DIMENSIONAL code to check the payment information, the driver’s contact card information was Mandu, and the license plate number was Jin CD02056.2. Take a taxi from Yangmei General Hospital to Mining Area River Temple at 10:30 on January 28. Check the payment information by scanning the QR code, and the driver’s contact card information is Qi66688888.The above two taxi drivers are requested to take the initiative to report to the community, work unit and mining area CDC, and actively cooperate with the implementation of relevant control measures.If passengers find taking the taxi, report to the mining area disease control center in time, and provide the taxi driver’s details.If any concealment or delay causes adverse consequences, relevant personnel will be investigated for responsibility according to law and regulations.Please the general residents need not panic, do not believe a rumor, don’t tale, maintain normal production and living order, and to further raise awareness, do “wash their hands, wearing masks, ventilation, less often gather”, active new crown vaccine, protect yourself and your family’s health, together build solid line of people’s life safety.Contact Number of Mining Area Prevention and Control Office: 0353-5678973Notice of Office of leading Group for COVID-19 Prevention and Control of Yuanping City on urgent search for sub-close contacts of confirmed COVID-19 cases in Hangzhou issued by Office of Leading Group for COVID-19 Prevention and Control of Yuanping CityFriends: On the evening of January 29, 2022, after receiving the letter of assistance from Xinzhou CDC for “a close contact of Xu, a confirmed COVID-19 case in Hangzhou, Sun”, the close contact was under epidemiological investigation. The contact took his father’s car from his home in Hangzhou at 17:20 on January 22.In Hangzhou out of the city viaduct blocked for 2 hours, the way of Nanjing traffic jam for about 3 hours.At about 9:00 on January 23, he went to the toilet in jiangsu Ancient Yellow River Service Area, took a short rest and left. He stopped in Jinan Service Area at 12:30, took a rest on the bus after going to the toilet and left at about 13:30.From 16:00 to 17:00, he took a short rest in The Service area of Nangong, Hebei province and left the service area of Yuanping Expressway at about 19:30. After going to the toilet, he left the service area and went straight back to his home in Yuanping. The contact person stayed at home from returning home to taking centralized isolation for medical observation.Considering the contact with close contact with people there is still a potential risk of infection, reminded the way to the masses, January 23, 2022 at same time with the contact personnel in the air at the same time, space, should immediately to the villages and towns (street) and village (community) report, cooperate in the villages and towns (street) and village (community) completes the related controls.If you have fever, cough, fatigue, diarrhea, smell (taste) and other abnormal symptoms, report to your village (community) immediately, and go to the fever clinic under the premise of personal protection.We urge the general public not to panic, believe, spread or fabricate rumors, and earnestly implement regular individual COVID-19 prevention and control measures.Office of Yuanping COVID-19 Prevention and Control Leading Group (borrow seal) Emergency search in Changzhi on January 30, 2022!Notice of the Office of the Leading Group for COVID-19 Prevention and Control of Xiangyuan County on the track of the contact Person Song’s activities in Xiangyuan At 17:30 PM on January 30, 2022, WE received a letter of assistance from Changzhi CDC to Jinan CDC.Song is a person who was in close contact with an asymptomatic COVID-19 infected person in Jinan, Shandong Province. (Song has been quarantined and tested negative for nucleic acid twice on January 23 and 30, and received three injections of COVID-19 vaccine.)After epidemiological investigation, now the track of Song’s activities in Xiangyuan is announced as follows:On January 22nd, I took G2066 bullet train (05 car 12F) from Guangxi Liuzhou Station at 08:41 to Zhengzhou East, and did not leave the station. At about 18:00, I changed to G3133 (03 car 15F) and got off at xiangyuan East at 20:50. I took a taxi (Jind.d 20050) and went home at 21:33.January 23, 10:06 hit a taxi (license plate unknown) from no. 1 middle school bus stop near the community health service center nucleic acid sampling.January 26, 11:00-12:00 Wangpo Shrimp in Huaidian (Xinjian West Street no. 81) packed lunch, 13:00-14:00 Xuevuyuan Supermarket shopping;At about 14:00 on January 28th, go to the Express supermarket downstairs of No.5 North Xuxue Road to get the express. At 15:00, walk to Xiguan Primary School Station, take Bus No. 2 and get off at Buxin Square Station. 15:30 — 16:00 hakdu supermarket gate to eat official taste, hakdu supermarket shopping, 16:02 free market alley to buy grilled sausage, 16:17 free market intersection to buy fruit, 16:25 Yanqing view fried chicken (next to the new two primary school) to buy fried chicken, 16:40 by rickshaw (driver name telephone unknown), 16:49 school garden supermarket shopping;On January 29, 15:00, walk to Xiguan Primary School Station, take Bus No. 2 to Buxin Square Station, get off at Free Market Lane, buy Liu Lao crisp cakes at 16:02, buy apples at 16:04, buy skewers at 16:10, pack drinks at The Snow Ice Store (next to local famous food city) at 16:19, buy fried chicken at Yanqing Guan (next to Xiner Primary School) at 16:25.16:27 Yanqing view fried chicken near the store shopping, on the opposite side of the road after taking 2 bus to Xiguan primary school station off, walk home;January 30th, 9:00 am xuefu Yuan supermarket shopping.For best new epidemic prevention and control work, effectively control and reduce the risk of the disease spread, xiangyuan epidemic prevention and control to do remind the masses: 1, with the close contacts in the same place, at the same time have a intersection or contact personnel, please immediately to the residence village (community), unit, or county epidemic report, actively cooperate with the implementation of the relevant control measures;2. Please monitor your personal health. In case of any suspicious symptoms of COVID-19, such as fever, dry cough, fatigue, sore throat, loss of smell (taste) sensation, and diarrhea, you should take personal protection and go to the nearest fever clinic immediately.3. Please pay close attention to the release of official authorities and do not believe, spread or fabricate rumors.Fulfill the primary responsibility for health, strengthen personal protection, wear masks, wash hands frequently, gather less, observe cough etiquette, maintain social distance of “1 meter line”, get vaccinated throughout the whole process, and protect the health of oneself and your family.Don’t forget epidemic prevention during the holidays and wish you all a healthy Spring Festival!Xiangyuan County Epidemic Prevention and Control Office tel: 0355-7224020 Xiangyuan County CDC tel:0355-7296120 Xiangyuan COUNTY COVID-19 Prevention and Control Leading Group Office January 31, 2022 Source: Yangquan Mining Area People’s Government website, Yuanping Radio, Xiangyuan Rongmedia