The Spring Festival I on-the-job | small allure standing guard rural traffic “great security”

2022-07-01 0 By

In order to further strengthen the rural road traffic safety management work, ensure the area of rural road traffic safety situation sustained and stable.Since the 2022 Spring Festival Travel rush, shuangbai County Public Security Bureau has given full play to the role of “two stations and two staff” in rural areas to carry out traffic safety publicity and persuasion to ensure safe, orderly and smooth traffic on rural roads during the Spring Festival.Traffic control moved forward.For people visiting relatives and friends during the Spring Festival is frequent, “miscellaneous things, more roads, people difficult tube” of the actual situation of persuasion member, casing waiting for fixed-point interception, handed over to the penalty measures, strict with each township, village road, and personnel, vehicles, dense implementation for traffic violations “timely detection, timely interception, timely investigation”.Meanwhile, the wechat group of “Rural Road Traffic Safety Work” provides real-time feedback on road conditions, effectively alleviates the pressure of road order control and creates a safer and smoother road traffic environment for people to travel.Propaganda and education move forward.The traffic safety “rhyming rhyming” in Yi language and dialect with local flavor, which is acceptable to farmers, is recorded and played in a loop at a fixed time by means of rural “loudspeakers” to ensure that the traffic safety propaganda is put into the mind and heart.The persuaders regularly go into the farm yard and the field, and through the cases around them, focus on the publicity of the harm and serious consequences of traffic violations such as drunk driving, illegal use of agricultural vehicles and people, encourage active reporting of traffic violations, and create a strong atmosphere of “always talk, talk every day, talk everywhere” about traffic safety.