Metallic Child, a meat pigeon game, has launched the DLC of Amuho Sakishima Hime

2022-07-02 0 By

The DLC of “Metallic Child”, a two-dimension meat pigeon game, is now officially on sale. This time, two DLC are launched in total: “Co-branded customized accessory” Heart wheel “and” co-branded “Rice and Core”.Steam store page: DLC “Co-branded customized accessory” Heart Wheel “Steam price 18.48 YUAN (original price 20.54 yuan, 10% off the first week), including additional customized accessories and exclusive weapons of the heart wheel;DLC “Co-branded” Rice & Core “Steam costs 29.6 yuan and includes a variety of additional custom accessories and exclusive weapons.There is also a bundle of two DLC versions available for 38.46 yuan (original price 50.14, bundle 7.7 discount).In addition, to celebrate the release of linked DLC, Metallic Child will also be offered on Steam for a 30% discount of 63 YUAN until April 14th.