Old Hekou public Security household registration window closed Spring Festival to send “dedication blessing”

2022-07-02 0 By

Jingchu Network (Hubei Daily network) news (correspondent Hong Miao Zhou Xin) On February 5, Ms. Hu returned home from Beijing in laohekou City public Security Bureau administrative examination and approval service center successfully reissued the ID card.Originally, Ms. Hu in hankou road work after graduating from college in Beijing, be home before the Spring Festival holiday, never want to lose my id card, return ticket has been booked, but 6 worried of Ms. Hu told laohekou shi household registration window delay service during the Spring Festival, and hurriedly came into the administrative examination and approval service center for the id card.She happily said to the police: “You still stick to your posts during the Spring Festival, thank you very much!”.During the Spring Festival, to further deepen the reform of the public security “pipes”, to meet the migrant workers, business people, from school students returning home to deal with the needs of the household business in succession, the auxiliary police laohekou public security bureau of the census register window people stick to jobs, for the masses to provide booking, time delay, the green channel and so on a variety of convenient service, 50 accumulated to handle id card,We handled 9 household registration services, such as birth registration and household registration transfer, and provided consulting services for more than 60 people, bringing tangible “professional happiness” to the masses.